Monday creativity wake-up challenge: The Last Thing You Expected to See on the Menu

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The Last Thing You Expected to See on the Menu
Feel free to take the following prompt home or post your response (500 words or fewer, funny, sad or stirring) in the Comments section below. By posting, you’ll be automatically entered in our occasional around-the-office swag drawings. If you’re having trouble with the captcha code sticking, e-mail your story to me at, with “Promptly” in the subject line, and I’ll make sure it gets up.

The waiter handed you a menu. Only what was written inside wasn’t merely a listing of food.

* * *

And on a quick Monday side note, thanks to everyone who submitted their hilarious and awesome awesomely bad endings over the weekend. I reached into the Promptly Random-Commenter hat, and pulled out a name: Nathan Honoré. Nathan, can you shoot your address to me at, and I’ll get your book shipped out? As always, thanks again to everyone for sharing their work!

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