Creativity Wake-Up Call: Movies and Morals

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Hey writers,

While waiting for a showing of Inglourious Basterds this weekend, a young teen (who somehow had a rather bushy goatee) sauntered up to my companion and me with a request.

Goatee: “Bro, which movie are you seeing?”
Zac: “Inglourious Basterds?”
Goatee: “Right on.”
(Awkward mutual stare)
Goatee: “Wanna do us a favor?”
Zac: “What’s up?”
Goatee: “Will you pretend to be my bro’s parents so he can get in?”
(Bro in question grunts in agreement, offers handful of popcorn)

As it turned out, we were seeing the film at different times, so I managed to dodge the moral issue of being someone’s understudy father. Which got me wondering about movies and more hearty moral questions.

Yours in writing,



PROMPT:Morals and Movies
In 500 words or fewer, funny, sad or stirring:

You have just purchased tickets for a movie, and someone approaches you, tears in his eyes and something gripped in his palm, and asks a question—one that leaves you speechless.