8 Things First-Time Novelists Need to Avoid

writing tutorial | writers digestDo you dream about writing a novel one day? Every aspiring writer has to start somewhere. Before you start writing your novel’s first draft, it’s wise to do your research and learn as much as you can. Watch the preview video below from the Writer’s Digest Tutorial titled 8 Things First-Time Novelists Need to Avoid and find out what the most common mistakes are that beginning novelists make. Knowing how to avoid these errors when writing your own novel can save you from frustration in the future.

Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Novel

Writing a novel is not easy but the journey is often worth it when you have a complete first draft in hand and the opportunity to get published. Publisher and story editor Charlotte Robin Cook and Jon James Miller, an award-winning screenwriter and debut novelist, share the eight mistakes first-time novelists make in the video below. To hear more details and information, purchase the entire tutorial video and discover how to impress agents and editors with your writing.

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