Writing through Recession

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Hi Writers,
Well, I have to admit to feeling more than the usual post-Catholic-childhood guilt lately. Not only is there a global economic recession and I'm actually employed in a volatile industry; The Ultimate Cheapskate (below) yelled at me for my fondness for expensive, frothy espresso drinks.

You could argue that there's never really been a positive economic forecast for those of us in the writing professions and perhaps the rest of the world is feeling just a taste of our everyday financial challenges.

I was wondering specifically how the recession is affecting writers, and I want to hear from you. Are you getting fewer bites on your queries? Spending less time at your favorite writing cafe because you're financially embarrassed? Going to fewer writing conferences? Get it out, it's good to share.

As for me, I'm thinking about switching back to plain old drip coffee just to make The Ultimate Cheapskate happy.

Keep Writing,