Win a Writer's Digest subscription!

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Hi Writers,
I know it's a crazy time of year, and you probably have your writing career set in neutral at the moment, but it's time to put the credit card away for a few minutes and start thinking about what your goals are for 2008 (just 20 days away—eek!).

To get the creative wheels turning forward, I want to make you an offer you simply cannot refuse.
I have 10 Writer's Digest magazine subscriptions to give away over the next two weeks, and here's what I decided to do to motivate you.

Post your 2008 writing goals here in my comments section. I'm going to choose my favorite 10 and post them here on "The Writer's Perspective." So not only do you have a good chance of winning a one-year subscription to Writer's Digest, you get me, the Writer's Digest editor, digitally nudging (okay, bugging) you to make sure you're accountable to your own writing goals next year.

So writers—let the goals begin!

Keep Writing,
"The world is always ready to receive talent with open arms."
-my favorite quote from a fortune cookie