Stephenie Meyer and the first draft

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Hi Writers,
I've been editing a feature for an upcoming issue of Writer's Digest. It's entitled "Roughing up your First Draft." There's a quote from Ernest Hemingway in the lead:

"The First Draft of Anything is Shit"

In light of this quote, I've been thinking about Stephenie Meyer, author of the mega-selling Twilight series.

I'm not much for vampire stories myself, but I know a lot about Meyer and the Twilight series, due to being an industry observer, not to mention the mother of a teenage girl (Olivia who you may know as a frequent commenter on this blog). ;)

Meyer—who in just a few years has achieved rock star status among teenage girls—has been writing what is probably the bestselling YA series since Harry Potter. She's selling lots and lots of books, not to mention movie options.

So you may have heard that this week, Meyer announced on her blog that she won't be releasing her most recent book because the first draft was somehow leaked out to the Internet. Of course, you can guess what happened from there, it's everywhere. Meyer is so distressed over the situation that she's now refusing to release the book.

Wow, it's difficult for any writer to imagine what they might do in that same situation. How about you, what would you do if your first draft was released on the Internet without your permission? Let's hear it, drop me a comment or you can discuss on our forum.

Keep Writing,