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Speaking of Fonts

Hi Writers,
As I mentioned in the previous posts, I'm switching fonts for my blog posts—a minor face lift you might say.

Fonts seem like a trite thing for writers to concern themselves with. But in the visually oriented magazine world, I've observed first-hand that how you present your work really can make a difference in terms of your reader's experience with your writing.

I discovered early in my writing/editing career a cool trick. Whenever I was working closely with an editor (as a writer or a lower-level editor), I'd make a point of learning that editor's preferred editing font. Usually it was a sans serif font, Arial or Verdana, 12 point, double-spaced. I worked under some tough editors who were quick with the red pen and I soon learned to give them exactly—or as close as I could get—what they wanted. And part of my method was delivering the manuscript to them in their preferred editing font.

This probably seems like a trivial matter in the big world of writing and publshing, but it really can help. I think it all comes down to respecting your reader.

Keep Writing,

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