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It's the way we find our projects. For a few years now, I've lamented,
cajoled, moaned and shouted about how project employers are requiring
more of us and paying us a damn sight less than in previous years.
Numerous reasons exist - and I'm not going into them here. I've fussed
about them endlessly in previous posts. Just read backwards, please. It used to be we could log on to Craig's List or About Freelance
Writing and find tons of work that paid decently (and Anne Wayman does
an excellent job of searching for job listings for us, so kudos to
her). Even the paid job sites used to do good by us. But the evolution
taking place online right now is depressing, maddening, sickening and
not doing anyone any good. The jobs that are there pay squat. If we
secured 20 gigs a month, the pay still wouldn't add up to enough to
bring home KFC for dinner (or tofu kabobs for us vegetarians).

Hi Writers,

Here it's week 16 in my Project 20/20 Build my Blogroll contest
and the nominations for writers' blogs keep rolling in. If you've been
following along, you know I've chosen a very wide ranging collection of
writer's blogs for writers of all stripes—from the purely whimsical to
the downright practical.

This week's add, I must say, is a quite sensible selection. It's the
little black dress of my blogroll. It's a blog dedicated to educating
and communicating with freelance writers.

I'd like to announce my week 16 add:

Words on the Page: Advice and Ramblings on the Writing Life

by Lori Widmer (who's a frequent visitor and commentor on this blog)

Lori's been freelancing for 15 years and she's witnessed first-hand the
changes unfolding in the industry. Here's an excerpt from a very recent

The Changing Face of Freelancing

Time for some frank talk - we've been in this business long enough
to see the trends unfolding before our eyes, right? Even if you've been
in freelancing a year, you've seen it. You may not recognize it yet,
but you're definitely experiencing it.

Lori's encouraging other freelancers not to take this lying down
though, she's taking a proactive approach, which I really admire.
Beginning next Monday, she's leading a charge to learn or re-learn the
age-old art of the cold call—something freelancers seem to now bypass.
Go visit Lori's blog next week and learn how to do some hands-on
marketing for the good of your writing career.

So Lori, good luck with your project and thanks for using your time and
experience to help out your fellow writers. It's my honor to welcome
you to my fabulous blogroll.

Keep Writing,