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Friday Rant Day: Googleganger Woes

Hi Writers,
I'm officially declaring Friday Rant Day here on "The Writer's Perspective." Got a rant? Come here on Fridays to share a tizzy fit with me.

To start things off, I came across an article about Googlegangers recently. Names that Match Forge a Bond on the Internet and it brought up some of my own unresolved Googleganger issues.

Here's an excerpt:
Now that the telephone book has been all but replaced by the
minutiae-rich Web, searching out, even stalking, the people who share
one’s name has become a common pastime. Bloggers muse about their
multiple digital selves, known as Google twins or Googlegängers (a term
that was the American Dialect Society’s “most creative” word last year).

The thing about writers is, they need to be found. Preferably easily found, when it comes to their work, and in case someone would like to hire them, their contact info. Well, if you think it’s easier then to find people now via the Internet, you must be blessed with some obscure name. I’ve never really understood the need for pseudonyms, but maybe there is something to be said for employing a nom de plume, after all.

I offer myself up as an example of the problem with googlegangers.

Googleganger #1: The Maria Schneider who tangled with Marlon Brando in the 1960s soft-porn art house flick Last Tango in Paris. So in all propriety, I must pre-warn you that if you google my name, nudie pics of some other not-me Maria Schneider will come up first. You can see why this might present a small problem for me.

Googleganger #2: The Maria Schneider I’m most jealous of is the talented jazz musician Maria Schneider. She also owns the domain, which, I think, fully entitles me to hate her. (Petty, I know. I told you it was rant day.)

Googleganger #3: Most disturbing on my googleganger front is Maria Schneider cartoonist and writer for The Onion. I’ve come across several instances of mistaken identity in which she and I have apparently morphed into one and the same person. Here's one instance on Zoominfo (that photo isn't me.) Not only do I not work for The Onion, or draw cartoons, I don’t even draw very well, and this strange morping leaves me feeling somehow lacking.

Feel free to add your own sad tales and rants about your doppelgangers. And if you have a good pseudonym for me, don’t hold back, I’d appreciate any ideas. I’m sure Maria Schneider, cartoonist and writer for The Onion, would appreciate it, too.

Keep Writing,
Maria Schneider (but clearly not the only one)
p.s. don't you just love umlauts?

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