Creative Rites

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Hi Writers,
The December issue of Writer's Digest goes out to subscribers this week, and it will be on newsstands October 16. We're featuring a great collection of articles on how to better tap into your creative side.

I wrote about my own creative rituals in my editor's note:

I realized a while ago that in order to sit down and compose a piece of creative writing, I need to first make myself sick to my stomach.
Procrastination, anxiety and outward chaos seem to be part of what it takes for me to get into the flow. I pace around my home or office doing busywork: compulsively shuffling papers, doing laundry, wiping down already-clean counter-tops—any mindless task, really. And all the while I’m mulling over the piece I’ll soon force myself to sit down and write. I know when it’s time to start writing when I feel it in my gut—sometimes as a tingling, sometimes as a subtle ache.
I often wonder what spurs writers on to write when creativity seems to have this prerequisite of anxiety. But maybe these creative rites are necessary to propel us forward, to enable us to shut out the world around us and focus our energies fully on developing our random, chaotic thoughts into a singular piece of writing. We often need these humble rites to harness our creativity, don’t we?

Your Rites: 
What are your creative rites? Do you pace and clean, like me? Go for long walks? Stare at the ceiling? Paint your toenails? You can bet you’re not the only one. Tell me about your creative rites here in the comments or you can post it on our forum in the Creative Rites thread.

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