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what I've missed from my waitressing days, and what the hospital
provided was interaction with the wider world. People I didn't know.
Stories I hadn't heard. Catalysts to insights and thoughts that
stretched far beyond myself and my beloved few. The stream that becomes
a vast, transformative river. In the hospital, I walked into that river
again. For my second surgery, I only had one request: I wanted
to go back to the same floor, White 7, where I already knew the nurses
and the aides, the dietary and housekeeping staff. I loved them all.
But it was probably the intimacy of sharing a room with various
strangers, all enduring their own crises, that affected me most.

Hi Writers,
Anyone who blogs and is interested in learning how to write about a very serious topic should check out Patry Francis' blog Simply Wait.

I wrote about Patry in my previous post. She's an author who's battling cancer. She's been chronicling that battle on her blog recently.

Here's a brief excerpt from a recent post, but please go to her blog and read it in full. It's a lovely piece of writing:

I promise to stop writing about "my trip to the hospital" soon. Very
soon! But apparently, I'm a classic case of a writer who doesn't get
out much. It's not that I don't see lots of people every day. Family,
friends, and friends of the kids flow in and out in a wonderful stream.
They bless my life--all of them--even when I bellow, (most often
internally) "Hey, I'm trying to get some work done here!"

It's challenging, but it is possible to handle serious topics in a delicate, even uplifting way. I'd like to assemble a list of blogs that are covering sensitive topics well, as Patry's does. Please leave your recommendations in the comments section.

Keep Writing,


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