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READER QUESTION: What kind of conditioner do you use?

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Today's reader question comes from Supernerd, who responds to this weekend's post, "In Defense of 'Bad TV Writing,'" with this comment:

"Chad, you do have fabulous hair. What brand of conditioner do you use?"

This is an excellent question, Supernerd, and to be honest-- I'm surprised I don't get asked this more often.

The shocking answer is... I don't condition. (Although yesterday I was at a hotel and DID use conditioner, only because they had a little bottle on the sink. But then I forgot to wash it out, so my hair was slimy and weird-feeling all day.)

I basically just use shampoo, and usually whatever's cheapest and has the nicest smell... like something citrus-y from White Rain or Suave. Suave tends to smell better, but White Rain has a nostalgia factor since I used to solidify my hair with their hair spray back in high school. I recently bought some shampoos that have green tea in them, because it makes me feel very trendy and metro, but they don't smell as good as ones with kiwi or melon.

Anyway, I hope that helps, Supernerd! Thanks again for reading, and stay tuned for more writing chatter and hair-care tips. Coming up over the next few days, some great stuff...

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