READER QUESTION: Is the Script Workshop Still Up and Running?

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Hey, folks--

Today's question comes from Scott, a new reader who asks...

"I was wondering if [the Script Notes Pitch Workshop] was still running? I have a couple of loglines that I am working which I would like to get some feedback on, just to see if I am going in the right direction."

Well, Scott-- you've come to the right place. The Script Notes Pitch Workshop is absolutely still up and running. In fact, we switched it from being a "cycled," or timeline-based, workshop to just being an open-ended program. At any time, feel free to post a logline or short synopsis as a comment on one of the posts... or email it to me at and I'll get it up on the site.

I try to comment myself on most of the loglines/summaries that come in, and I also post them so other readers can give feedback as well.

So feel free to submit away, Scott (you can even put your loglines as a comment to this posting)-- I hope the workshop's helpful and you get some good feedback!

In the mean time, keep reading... we've got some great stuff on deck... a discussion on copyright and script registration, some new book reviews, and a guest perspective on balancing a writing career with single parenthood (don't worry, E. Daniels-- I haven't forgotten you)!