READER QUESTION: How Can A Writer Protect A Book Idea?

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Hey, writers--

Today's reader question was emailed from Brian, who writes...

"Chad, I have a fantastic idea for a book and I want to protect my idea from someone else copying it. Whats steps should a person take in order to protect an idea until it comes into print?"

Well, Brian, this is a question many writers ask. To be honest, the "protection" process is a bit different for book-writers and screenwriters. Screenwriters often register their material with the Writers Guild of America, which has an inexpensive registry service (click HERE to go right there).

For books, however, I wanted to ask someone who has a much longer history in the book world than I do... so I sent your question to my trusty friend and editor, Brian Klems, who writes Writers Digest's Questions & Quandries blog and column. He gives a terrific answer... CLICK HERE to check it out!

And for those of you with more writer/film/TV questions, please don't hesitate to email me at if I don't know the answer myself, I'll find someone who does!

And keep reading... coming soon we have behind-the-scenes looks at more TV shows, an interview with animator Ellen Besen, and more answers to your questions!


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