2007 Article Index

All feature articles and columns published in Writer’s Digest during 2007 are indexed by topic. Abbreviations for regular columns: 5 Questions(5Q), Book Buzz (BB), Ask the Pro (AP), First Impressions (FI), InkWell (IW), On the Edge(OTE), Postscript (PS), The Sentence Sleuth (SS), Your Story(YS), On the Edge (OTE), Postscript (PS), Questions & Quandaries (QQ), Writer’s Workbook (WW), This Writer’s Life (WL), The WD Interview (WDI). For back issues, send $8/issue ($10 Canada; $12 other foreign), which includes postage and handling, to Writer”s Digest/F+W Publications Products, 700 E. State St., Iola WI 54990; or call (800)258-0929. Specify publication, month and year. Back issues may also be ordered at Writer’s Digest Back Issues.


“Storming Past the Gatekeepers,” Linda Formichelli, Feb, p. 46

“The Mythical Land of Experts,” QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 90

“Shades of Gray,” IW, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Jun, p. 16

“The Healthy Writer,” Linda Formichelli, Aug, p. 50

“The 2007 WD Guide to Software for Writers,” Tom Zeit, Aug, p. 52

“An Ethical Conundrum,” QQ, Brian A. Klems, Aug, p. 80

“Looking to Get Paid,” QQ, Brian A. Klems, Aug, p. 80

“How Hollywood Handles Book Options,” QQ, Brian A. Klems, Aug, p. 80

“Get Your Money’s Worth,” Jodi Picoult, Oct, p. 30

“Off the Dole,” Jenny Rough, Oct, p. 34

“Keep the Commission,” Juli I. Huss, Oct, p. 38

“Will Write for Wine?” Josh Sweigart, Oct, p. 42

“No Agent? No Problem,” QQ, Brian A. Klems, Oct, p. 74

“Hiring a Public-Relations Specialist,” QQ, Brian A. Klems, Oct, p. 75

“Nonfiction: Freelance Finances,” WW, Dec, p. 79


“Winner: Your Story #2,” YS, Laura Rocha, Feb, p. 22

“Winner: Your Story #3,” YS, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Apr, p. 23

“Family Time: Nava Atlas (Self-Published Book Awards),” Brian A. Klems and Maria Witte, Apr, p. 74

“Winner: Your Story #4,” YS, Bill Parrish, Jun, p. 22

“Words Unsaid: Kathleen Latham (Short Short Story Competition),” Brian A. Klems, Jun, p. 82

“Winner: Garage-Sale Addiction (Your Story #5),” YS, Jennifer S. Dahlen, Aug, p. 26

“The Edge of Reason: Frankie Mossman (Popular Fiction Awards),” Kara Gebhart Uhl, Aug, p. 72

“Winner: Mucked (Your Story #6),” YS, Marie Anderson, Oct, p. 20

“Domain Master: Kealan Patrick Burke (Best Writer’s Website),” Brian A. Klems, Oct, p. 56

“The Possibility for Grace: Eros-Alegra Clarke (Annual Writing Competition),” Brian A. Klems, Dec, p. 66

“Winner: Reflections (Your Story #7), YS, Rebecca Wilson, Dec, p. 20


“Character Study,” Alice Hoffman, Feb, p. 60

“Taking Turns,” Simon Wood, Feb, p. 70

“Fiction: The Basics of Backstory,” WW, Feb, p. 91

“Getting Your Act(s) Together,” Ridley Pearson, Apr, p. 66

“Fiction: Tone,” WW, Apr, p. 87

“The Fact Behind Fiction,” WL, Jodi Picoult, Jun, p. 34

“Fiction: Landscape,” WW, Jun, p. 85

“Hook, Grab and Pull,” Les Edgerton, Aug, p. 64

“Fiction: Endings,” WW, Aug, p. 83

“Fiction: Creating Characters,” WW, Oct, p. 79

“The Hunt for Deep Background,” Elizabeth Sims, Dec, p. 56

“Fiction: Short Stories,” WW, Dec, p. 77


“Fun With Numbers,” QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 90

“ ‘Everyday’ vs. ‘Every Day,’ ” QQ, Brian A. Klems, Aug, p. 80

“Nix Those Nominalizations,” SS, Bonnie Trenga, Oct, p. 76

“Diagnosis: Disagreement-Itis,” SS, Bonnie Trenga, Dec, p. 74


“Death by Literature: Marisha Pessl’s Special Topics in Calamity Physics,” BB, Jessa Crispin, Feb, p. 30

“Premature Adulation?” WL, Kevin Alexander, Feb, p. 32

“Going Global,” WL, Jodi Picoult, Feb, p. 34

“The Glamorous Life,” Jennifer Armstrong; Victor Paul Borg; Erin Bradley, Feb, p. 40

“The Write-at-Home Mom,” Christina Katz, Feb, p. 62

“The Short-Story Day Trip,” Doug Crandell, Feb, p. 74

“Confessions of a Literary Escort,” PS, Wendy Werris, Feb, p. 104

“Making His Own Rules: Cormac McCarthy’s The Road,” BB, Jessa Crispin, Apr, p. 26

“Stolen Thoughts,” WL, Kevin Alexander, Apr, p. 28

“The Not-So-Silver Screen,” WL, Jodi Picoult, Apr, p. 30

“Strange But True,” Hope Edelman, Apr, p. 62

“Working Class,” PS, Ned Vizzini, Apr, p. 104

“Noir Pastorale: Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects,” BB, Jessa Crispin, Jun, p. 29

“101 Best Websites for Writers,” Brian A. Klems, Jun, p. 68

“Lessons From the Airwaves,” Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Jun, p. 76

“Finding My Way,” PS, Laura Preble, Jun, p. 104

“Scenes From a Marriage: Calvin Trillin’s About Alice,” BB, Jessa Crispin, Aug, p. 32

“The Road More or Less Traveled,” WL, Kevin Alexander, Aug, p. 34

“Try, Try, Try Again,” WL, Jodi Picoult, Aug, p. 36

“The Write Space: Vendela Vida, Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket), Richard Adams Carey, Lisa Gardner,” Jordan E. Rosenfeld and Linda Formichelli, Aug, p. 42

“Never Say Die,” PS, Kevin Davis, Aug, p. 96

“A Novel Place,” WL, Kevin Alexander, Oct, p. 24

“Vice Versa,” Michael J. Vaughn, Oct, p. 58

“Literary Legends,” Phil Sexton, Oct, p. 68

“Less Is More,” PS, Jeff Yeager, Oct, p. 96

“The Perfect Ending” WL, Kevin Alexander, Dec, p. 26

“Meeting of the Minds,” Michael J. Vaughn, Dec, p. 34

“Falling Down the Rabbit Hole,” Emily Hanlon, Dec, p. 38

“Blinded by the Light,” Leigh Anne Jasheway-Bryant, Dec, p. 42

“Mapping Out of a Block,” Greg Korgeski, Ph.D., Dec, p. 46

“When Burnout Sets In,” QQ, Brian A. Klems, Dec, p. 72

“Rebel Without a Pause,” PS, Debra Garfinkle, Dec, p. 96


“George Kalogerakis: The New York Times,” 5Q, Jack Clemens, Feb, p. 19

“Meals and Memories: Linda Furiya; Matthew Polly; Amy Wallen; Mia King,” FI, Maria Schneider, Feb, p. 28

“On the Offensive: Maddox,” Kevin Alexander, Feb, p. 54

“Evanovich, Inc.: Janet Evanovich,” WDI, Maria Schneider, Feb, p. 76

“Rose Hilliard: St. Martin’s Press,” 5Q, Jack Clemens, Apr, p. 14

“Novel Ways: Patry Francis; Tish Cohen; Sheridan Hay; Patrick Rothfuss,” FI, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Apr, p. 24

“Into the Light: Janet Fitch,” WDI, Mary Curran-Hackett, Apr, p. 54

“Off the Line: Anthony Bourdain,” Amy Zavatto, Apr, p. 58

“Matt Weiland: Granta,” 5Q, Jack Clemens, Jun, p. 18

“An Artful Debut: Laini Taylor; Claire Cameron; Pia Z. Ehrhardt; JoeAnn Hart,” FI, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Jun, p. 26

“A Comic Bite: Christopher Moore,” WDI, Jenna Glatzer, Jun, p. 58

“Stepping Out of a Big Shadow: Tabitha King,” Blythe Copeland, Jun, p. 64

“A Push Into Teen Fiction: David Levithan,” AP, Jack Clemens, Aug, p. 28

“Comic Relief: Man Martin; Dalia Sofer; Rebecca Curtis; Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio,” FI, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Aug, p. 30

“One Leg at a Time: Ann Brashares,” WDI, Kara Gebhart Uhl, Aug, p. 58

“Gone Far: Dave Eggers and Valentino Achak Deng,” Mary Curran-Hackett, Aug, p. 68

“Modern Marvel: Camille DeAngelis; Pamela Erens; Dave White; Patricia Wood,” FI, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Oct, p. 22

“Offbeat Agent: Penn Whaling,” AP, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Oct, p. 26

“Shock and Awe: Chuck Palahniuk,” WDI, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Oct, p. 46

“The Silent Type: James Boice,” Kevin Alexander, Oct, p. 62

“Suburban Observer: Tom Perrotta,” WDI, Kevin Alexander, Dec, p. 50

“A Novel Affair: Nancy Horan; Amy Holman Edelman; Jeff Garigliano; Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz,” FI, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Dec, p. 24

“Culture Chronicler: Richard Eoin Nash,” AP, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Dec, p. 22


“Pick Me,” Linda Formichelli, Feb, p. 36

“The Most Commonly Asked Question,” QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 90

“Giving it Away,” Jenna Glatzer, Jun, p. 40

“Moth’s Guide to Schmoozing,” Christine Krug, Jun, p. 44

“Book-Signing Success,” J.A. Konrath, Jun, p. 48

“Phoning In,” John Shors, Jun, p. 54

“Marketing: Unsolicited Submissions,” WW, Jun, p. 91

“Marketing: Agents,” WW, Aug, p. 89

“Sling Your Web,” J.A. Konrath, Oct, p. 52

“Query Letter Beginnings,” QQ, Brian A. Klems, Oct, p. 74

“Marketing: Give a Good Reading,” WW, Oct, p. 85

“Query Madness,” Sharlene Martin, Dec, p. 60

“Marketing: Pitch Perfect,” WW, Dec, p. 83


“Cast a Wider Net,” Debbie Ridpath Ohi, Feb, p. 50

“Wanted: Essayists Willing to Divulge,” OTE, Kara Gebhart Uhl, Feb, p. 82

“The Power of Titillation,” OTE, Kara Gebhart Uhl, Apr, p. 32

“Fantastic Fiction,” OTE, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Jun, p. 36

“Mojo Working,” OTE, Kara Gebhart Uhl, Aug, p. 38

“Poetry for the Younger Set,” OTE, Kara Gebhart Uhl, Oct, p. 27

“Alternative Fare,” OTE, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Dec, p. 28


“Blogged and Burned,” IW, Sarah Weinman, Feb, p. 14

“Banned—or Simply Shunned?” IW, Aury Wallington, Apr, p. 12

“Bidding War,” IW, Michelle Strait, Aug, p. 14

“The Incredible Disappearing Magazine,” IW, Lou Harry, Oct, p. 14

“Proceed with Caution,” IW, Morgan Hunt, Dec, p. 14


“The Way it Was,” Larry Getlan, Feb, p. 66

“Nonfiction: Fresh Writing,” WW, Feb, p. 93

“Nonfiction: Smart Reporting,” WW, Apr, p. 90

“It’s Not About You,” WL, Kevin Alexander, Jun, p. 32

“Nonfiction: Profiles,” WW, Jun, p. 87

“Nonfiction: Make Your Editor Happy,” WW, Aug, p. 85

“Nonfiction: Travel Writing,” WW, Oct, p. 81

“The Memoir Name Game,” QQ, Brian A. Klems, Dec, p. 72


“Poetry: Structure Your Poem,” WW, Feb, p. 95

“The 21st Century Poet,” Nancy Breen, Apr, p. 36

“On Your Own Terms,” Miriam Sagan, Apr, p. 40

“10 Ways to Promote Your Poetry,” Jane K. Kretschmann, Apr, p. 43

“The Poet’s Bookshelf,” John Drury, Apr, p. 44

“Poetic Sustenance,” Michael J. Vaughn, Apr, p. 48

“Poetry: Tanka,” WW, Apr, p. 92

“Poetry: Sonnets,” WW, Jun, p. 89

“Poetry: Poetry That Swings,” WW, Aug, p. 87

“Poetry: Sestina,” WW, Oct, p. 83

“Poetry: Etheree,” WW, Dec, p. 81


“Scripting Unscripted Television,” Chad Gervich, Apr, p. 70


“Spiritual Writing: Inciting Inspiration,” WW, Feb, p. 97

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