2004 Article Index

All feature articles and columns published in Writer”s Digest during 2004 are indexed by topic. Abbreviations for regular columns: Fiction Essentials (FE), First Impressions (FI), Freelancer”s Workshop (FW), Inkwell (IW), The Last Word (LW), Markets: Breaking In (MBI), Market Picks (MP), Markets: 5 Questions (5Q), Niches (N), Questions & Quandaries (QQ), The Six-Figure Writer (SFW), Writing Clinic (WC), WD Interview (WD). For back issues, send $7/issue ($9 Canada; $11 other foreign), which includes postage and handling, to Writer”s Digest/F+W Publications Products, 700 E. State St., Iola WI 54990; or call (800)258-0929. Please specify publication, month and year. Back issues may also be ordered at www.writersdigest.com.


"Codes of Conduct," IW, Michael J. Bugeja, Jan, p. 8

"Will Rupert Murdoch Sue Me?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 22

"Speaking Legalese," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 22

"Cannibalizing Cousin Cora," FE, Nancy Kress, Mar, p. 19

"Copyrighted E-mail," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Mar, p. 24

"Article Black Holes," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Mar, p. 24

"Beating the Deadbeats," Jenna Glatzer, Mar, p. 33

"Fighting for Your Rights," Brian A. Klems, May, p. 29

"Target: Internet Piracy," Robert W. Bly, May, p. 30

"Once Burned," Brian A. Klems, May, p. 34

"Protecting Your Ideas," Howard Zaharoff, May, p. 36

"Selling Your Rights," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jul, p. 26

"Fair-use Abuse," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jul, p. 26

"Getting What You”re Worth," Amy Cook, Jul, p. 50

"Copying Song Lyrics," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Aug, p. 24

"Speaking of Fake Names," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Aug, p. 25

"Spouse as a Source," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Sep, p. 23

"No More Nickels and Dimes," SFW, Robert W. Bly, Oct, p. 22

"Left Behind," IW, Jenna Glatzer, Dec, p. 8

"Finding Forms," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Dec, p. 20

"Get Back Your Rights," QQ, Brian A. lems, Dec, p. 20


"The Ultimate Challenge," IW, Meg Cannon, Apr, p. 8

"The Fast Track," Christine Mersch, Jun, p. 38

"Seeds of Success," Christine Mersch, Aug, p. 30

"Structure Meets Magic," Christine Mersch, Sep, p. 29

"Selling Yourself Creatively," Christine Mersch, Oct, p. 51

"Dying to Win," Christine Mersch, Nov, p. 38


"Dirty Dot-coms," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 22

"Cracking the Code," MP, Patrick O”Kelley, Mar, p. 68

"Snubbing Self-publishers," QQ, Brian A. Klems, May, p. 27

"Getting the Milk for Free?" Christine Mersch, May, p. 40

"Blogged Down?" IW, Christine Mersch, Aug, p. 8

"Self-publishing vs. POD," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Sep, p. 22

"Increase Your Net Income," SFW, Robert W. Bly, Dec, p. 18


"Under Construction," FE, Nancy Kress, Jan, p. 18

"Does Your Plot Thicken?" Simon Wood, Jan, p. 37

"Create Tension and Build Suspense," WC, Gloria Kempton, Jan, p. 50

"The Big Grab," FE, James Scott Bell, Feb, p. 19

"Keep Your Tale on Track," Nancy Kress, Feb, p. 44

"New World, Same Rules," WC, Dave King, Feb, p. 52

"Write On: Vladimir Nabokov" LW, Jack Clemens, Feb, p. 72

"Cannibalizing Cousin Cora," FE, Nancy Kress, Mar, p. 19

"Novel Writing Boot Camp," Bob Mayer, Mar, p. 42

"Calm the Confusion," WC, G. Miki Hayden, Mar, p. 62

"Holding Back: Raymond Carver," LW, Jack Clemens, Mar, p. 80

"Deepen Your Plot," FE, James Scott Bell, Apr, p. 19

"Wrap it Up," Alice Orr, Apr, p. 37

"Starting Strong," WC, Paul Bagdon, Apr, p. 54

"Of High Art and Low Blows: George Saunders and Mark Twain," LW, Jack Clemens, Apr, p. 72

"The Perfect Place," FE, Nancy Kress, May, p. 22

"Slug It!" QQ, Brian A. Klems, May, p. 28

"Secrets of Great Storytelling," I.J. Schecter, May, p. 56

"Killer Characters," WC, Gloria Kempton, May, p. 60

"Out of Her Head," FE, James Scott Bell, Jun, p. 21

"Get Into Ghostwriting," Alisa Bauman, Jun, p. 46

"Get Straight to the Point," WC, G. Miki Hayden, Jun, p. 52

"It”s all a Setup: John Steinbeck," LW, Jack Clemens, Jun, p. 72

"Laying Down the Law," IW, James O. Born, Jul, p. 10

"Keep it Going," FE, Nancy Kress, Jul, p. 22

"The Depths of Description," Cindy Rogers, Jul, p. 42

"Déjà Vu," WC, Paul Bagdon, Jul, p. 54

"Write With Prejudice: Flannery O”Connor," LW, Jack Clemens, Jul, p. 72

"Jump off the Page," FE, James Scott Bell, Aug, p. 20

"Hold Them Back," Nancy Kress, Aug, p. 42

"Respect the Little People: Roald Dahl," LW, Jack Clemens, Aug, p. 72

"The Clothes Make the Man," FE, Nancy Kress, Sep, p. 18

"Mean Streets and Friendly Editors," Stephen D. Rogers, Sep, p. 42

"The Beginning of the End," WC, G. Miki Hayden, Sep, p. 50

"Male Call," N, Michele R. Bardsley, Sep, p. 55

"A Wrinkle in Time," FE, James Scott Bell, Oct, p. 20

"Tackling Your Toughest Scenes," Loren D. Estleman, Oct, p. 42

"History in the Making," Martha Alderson, Oct, p. 45

"Ramp up the Action," WC, Paul Bagdon, Oct, p. 54

"Peculiar People: John Irving," LW, Jack Clemens, Oct, p. 72

"From Fandom to Stardom," IW, Abby Albrecht, Nov, p. 8

"Find the Passion," James Scott Bell, Nov, p. 24

"Weaving the Web," WC, Elizabeth Dearl, Nov, p. 52

"Keep it Real," N, Lynn Flewelling, Nov, p. 56

"Dreaming While Awake: Gabriel Garcia Màrquez," LW, Jack Clemens, Nov, p. 72

"Stuck in Neutral?" FE, James Scott Bell, Dec, p. 16

"The Voice Within," Judy Bodmer, Dec, p. 38

"The Comedy of War: Kurt Vonnegut," LW, Jack Clemens and Christine Mersch, Dec, p. 72


"Death Sentences," Writer”s Digest School, Jan, p. 44

"But I Want To!" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Apr, p. 24

"It”s OK to Break the Rules," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Apr, p. 25

"The Lay/Lie Quagmire," QQ, Brian A. Klems, May, p. 27

"Quotes Within Quotes," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jun, p. 25

"Confusing Affect/Effect," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jun, p. 25

"Rules Worth Breaking," FW, David A. Fryxell, Jul, p. 24

"Write Lean and Mean," Nancy Kress, Jul, p. 28

"A”s vs. An”s," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Aug, p. 24

"Fewer vs. Less," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Sep, p. 22

"Take a Bite out of Redundancy," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Sep, p. 22

"Not Your Father”s Pronoun," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Oct, p. 24

"Just Add a Dash," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Oct, p. 24

"Words Like Bread Crumbs," FE, Nancy Kress, Nov, p. 18

"Who vs. Whom," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Nov, p. 22

"If I Were Subjunctive," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Dec, p. 20


"Funny Bones," N, Tim Bete, May, p. 63


"Six Degrees of Maya Angelou," IW, Joe Stollenwerk, Jan, p. 16

"The Perfect Writing Group," Brenda AC McHugh, Jan, p. 34

"The Best-laid Plans," Linda Gilden, Jan, p. 41

"Looking for Mr. Byline," Paula Neal Mooney, Jan, p. 72

"Block Busters," Doug White, Feb, p. 24

"Writing Through a Crisis," Christine Krug, Mar, p. 54

"Found: The Perfect Writing Space," William McCranor Henderson, Apr, p. 50

"Under One Roof," IW, Sharon Korbeck, May, p. 14

"The Great Escape," Sarah Yates, May, p. 54

"After the Big Sale," J.A. Konrath, Jun, p. 32

"You Might be a Writer If …" IW, I.J. Schecter, Aug, p. 16

"Nine Secrets to a Successful Collaboration," Candy Arrington, Sep, p. 24

"Finding One Voice," Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, Sep, p.26

"The Tao of Sticky-note Quotes," Donna G. Albrecht, Sep, p. 31

"Beating a Bad Rap," IW, Loriann Hoff Oberlin, Oct, p. 8

"The Simon Cowell Effect," IW, Judy Bodmer, Oct, p. 16

"Divine Inspiration," IW, E.T. Robbins, Nov, p. 14

"Welcome to the Big Time," The Writer”s Digest Staff, Dec, p. 21


"Bill Bryson," WD, Jack Clemens, Jan, p. 39

"A Good Yarn: Caroline Alexander," WD, Christine Mersch, Mar, p. 37

"Unlocking the Door: Margaret Atwood," WD, Kristin D. Godsey, Apr, p. 46

"Looking at the Bright Side: Marian Keyes," WD, Christine Mersch, Jul, p. 46

"The Picker of Nits: Bill Walsh," WD, Tom Neven, Aug, p. 49

"Go Your Own Way: Dave Eggers," WD, Kristin D. Godsey, Nov, p. 33

"Kid Stuff: Jacquelyn Mitchard," WD, Lisa J. Lickel, Dec, p. 29


"Meeting Your Match," A.C. Crispin and Victoria Strauss, Jan, p. 22

"Best Foot Forward," Deborah Elliott-Upton, Jan, p. 27

"Feeding Frenzy," David Leite, Jan, p. 29

"On the Air," Jenna Glatzer, Jan, p. 32

"Tighten Up," Laurie Rosin, Jan, p. 48

"Star-powered Kid Lit," IW, Tracy Mayor, Feb, p. 10

"It”s a Living," SFW, Robert W. Bly, Feb, p. 21

"A Second Opinion," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 22

"An International Conundrum," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Apr, p. 25

"Will Write for Food," John K. Borchardt, Feb, p. 29

"What Agents Hate," Shannon Celarek, Feb, p. 48

"What Magazine Editors Hate," Kristin D. Godsey, Feb, p. 50

"Editors Tell All," MP, Judy Mandell, Feb, p. 58

"Multiple Submissions Etiquette," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Mar, p. 24

"Work Smart, Not Hard," SFW, Robert W. Bly, Apr, p. 22

"Covering the Cover Letter," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Apr, p. 24

"Articles Traveling Together," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Apr, p. 24

"New Authors Wanted," Christine Mersch, Apr, p. 26

"Take Charge of Your Marketing," Blythe Gifford, Apr, p. 41

"Think Outside the Book," IW, Laurie Winslow Sargent, May, p. 10

"Never Say Die," FW, David A. Fryxell, May, p. 24

"Be Your Own Book Doctor," Kim Campbell and Karen D. Smith, May, p. 50

"Culling Corporate Clients," SFW, Robert W. Bly, Jun, p. 23

"Cyber-clips," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jun, p. 25

"After the Big Sale," J.A. Konrath, Jun, p. 32

"Against the Grain," MP, I.J. Schecter, Jun, p. 56

"Betting on a Rookie Agent," Julie K. Silver, Jul, p. 32

"Countdown to a Good Impression," John K. Borchardt, Jul, p. 39

"Write Now, Sell Later," MP, Christopher Dack, Jul, p. 61

"Up Your Productivity," SFW, Robert W. Bly, Aug, p. 22

"The Right Clip for the Job," MP, Dorothy Lehman Hoerr, Aug, p. 60

"Getting Into the Glossies," Jenna Glatzer, Sep, p. 34

"The Perfect Pitch," Teresa LeYung Ryan, Sep, p. 46

"Give Me Your Hard Copy," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Oct, p. 24

"101 Best Tips for Getting Published," Maria Schneider, Oct, p. 26

"The Short, Sweet Sell," MP, David A. Fryxell, Oct, p. 60

"You”re the Expert, Now Prove It," Dianne Jacob, Nov, p. 49

"Muscle In," Maria Schneider, Nov, p. 28

"Five Tips for More Assignments," MP, Diana Burrell, Nov, p. 58

"Do you Need Professional Help?" Cathie Beck, Dec, p. 32

"5 Short Steps to the Reject Pile," Peter Gelfan, Dec, p. 40

"Navigate the Masthead Maze," MP, David A. Fryxell, Dec, p. 52


"Spotlight: Military Mags," MBI, Nancy Hendrickson, Jan, p. 55

"Custom Publishing," MBI, Gary Wollenhaupt, Feb, p. 62

"25 Best Genre Markets for Your Novel," Maria Witte, Mar, p. 26

"Agricultural Mags," MBI, Brenda Kruse, Mar, p. 71

"Resources for Young Writers," IW, Patricia Fry, Apr, p. 11

"Equine Mags," MBI, Darcy Lewis, Apr, p. 63

"Making it in the Minors," MP, Joyce Frohn, May, p. 65

"Specialty Health Mags," MBI, Joan Axelrod-Contrada, May, p. 68

"Top-dollar Markets," Maria Witte, Jun, p. 26

"Alumni Mags," MBI, Erika Dreifus, Jun, p. 59

"Ocean Sports Mags," MBI, Chatten Hayes, Jul, p. 62

"Job-hunting/Career Mags," MBI, John K. Borchardt, Aug, p. 64

"Spanish Mags," MBI, Helena Poleo, Sep, p. 60

"Small-press Publishers," MBI, G. Miki Hayden, Oct, p. 64

"Alternative Weeklies," MBI, Sharon McKenna, Nov, p. 64

"Aviation Mags," MBI, Darcy Lewis, Dec, p. 55


"Emily Sachar, Ladies” Home Journal”s online executive editor," 5Q, Joan Axelrod-Contrada, Jan, p. 57

"Bret Witter, editorial director, Health Communications," 5Q, Coleen Armstrong, Feb, p. 60

"Jared Stern, executive editor, Star magazine," 5Q, Christine Mersch, Mar, p. 70

"Science Sells," John K. Borchardt, Apr, p. 44

"Sizing Up the Competition," MP, Jenna Glatzer, Apr, p. 60

"J. Mignonne Wright, publisher/editor, American Magazine," 5Q, Rebecca Ponton, Apr, p. 62

"Richard Hunt, president/publisher, Emmis Books," 5Q, Maria Schneider, May, p. 70

"Will Balliett, publisher, Carroll & Graf/ co-vice president Avalon Publishing," 5Q, Kelly Kyrik, Jun, p. 58

"Lee Gutkind, founder/editor, Creative Nonfiction journal," 5Q, Maria Schneider, Jul, p. 64

"John Barr, president, The Poetry Foundation," 5Q, Aug, p. 62

"Johnene Granger, fiction editor, Woman”s World," 5Q, Maria Schneider, Sep, p. 62

"Leslie Burbank, vice president, Medallion Press," 5Q, Maria Schneider, Oct, p. 62

"Richard Botto, publisher/CEO, Razor magazine," 5Q, Maria Schneider, Nov, p. 60

"Leelila Strogov, founding editor, Swink," 5Q, Maria Schneider, Dec., p. 54


"Taking Chances With Style," FW, David A. Fryxell, Jan, p. 20

"How to Write How-to," Tom Neven, Feb, p. 37

"Dead on Arrival," FW, David A. Fryxell, Mar, p. 22

"Build a Better Source List," Mark O”Keefe, Mar, p. 50

"A Time to Kill," Donna G. Albrecht, Apr, p. 34

"Get Your Facts Straight," Constance Hale, May, p. 41

"The New Reality: Susan Orlean," LW, Maria Schneider, May, p. 80

"Style Counts," IW, Marnie Engel Hayutin, Jun, p. 10

"The Hunt for Red-hot Anecdotes," Teri Brown, Jun, p. 42

"When the Talking Stops," Lawrence Grobel, Aug, p. 38

"Spin-off Savvy," Bobbi Dempsey, Aug, p. 52

"Get a Gimmick," IW, Charles Baker, Sep, p. 8

"Don”t Get Distracted," FW, David A. Fryxell, Sep, p. 20

"Crossing Over," Lauren Kessler, Sep, p. 38

"Turning Articles Into Books," MP, Doug McPherson, Sep, p. 58

"Five Great Questions," IW, Marnie Engel Hayutin, Oct, p. 10

"From Cagey to Quotable," Linda Formichelli, Oct, p. 38

"Holiday Fare," N, Kelly Milner Halls, Oct, p. 58

"Rebuilding the Pyramid," FW, David A. Fryxell, Nov, p. 20

"Good to the Last Word," Marnie Engel Hayutin, Nov, p. 46

"The Elegant Finish," Lauren Kessler, Dec, p. 34

"Question With Compassion," Marnie Engel Hayutin, Dec, p. 42


"Write Your Heart Out," Meg Files, Feb, p. 41

"The Pattern of the Pantoum," N, Miriam Sagan, Mar, p. 65

"A Memoir to Remember," N, Nancy Hendrickson, Jun, p. 60

"The Heart of an Essay," WC, Gloria Kempton, Aug, p. 54

"Writing Your Woes," N, Miriam Sagan, Aug, p. 58

"Contain Yourself: Anne Sexton," LW, Miriam Sagan, Sep, p. 72

"Bring it Into Focus," WC, Gloria Kempton, Dec, p. 46


"Peter Manseau and Jeff Sharlet; Jamise L.Dames; Mary Leary," FI, Jan, p. 14

"Blythe Gifford," Jenny Wohlfarth, Jan, p. 54

"Whitney Lyles; Curtis Adler; Mary Jo Rulnick," FI, Feb, p. 17

"Making the Cut: Jack Kerley," Kristin D. Godsey, Feb, p. 32

"Elizabeth Maguire; Kyle Smith; Larry Paquette," FI, Mar, p. 16

"The Hustler: Christopher Paolini," Dawn Simonds, Mar, p. 58

"Imad Rahman; Sondra Bernstein; Will Rhode," FI, Apr, p. 17

"Teresa McCarthy; C.J. Sansom; James Campbell," FI, May, p. 21

"Valerie Ann Leff; Rachel Pastan," FI, Jun, p. 19

"After the Big Sale," J.A. Konrath, Jun, p. 32

"Erica Kennedy; William Brodrick; Deborah Skelly," FI, Jul, p. 21

"Anthony Capella; Michael Simon; Allison Lynn," FI, Aug, p. 19

"The Others: Jamise L. Dames," Brian A. Klems, Aug, p. 46

"Meg Rosoff; Laura Love; Lisa Glatt," FI, Sep, p. 16

"Claire Hamner Matturro; Tara Bray Smith; Patricia Newman," FI, Oct, p. 19

"Calling the Shots: Lynda Sandoval," G. Miki Hayden, Oct, p. 48

"Samantha Hunt; David Costello; Adrienne Bellamy," FI, Nov, p. 17

"Helen Walsh; Cara Haycak; Kelly McWilliams," FI, Dec, p. 15


"Quit Stealing My Stamps!" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 23

"When Conferences Go Bad," IW, Christine Mersch, Mar, p. 8

"You Call That Editing?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Mar, p. 24

"101 Best Web Sites for Writers," Christine Mersch, May, p. 44

"Novel Accomodations," IW, Lynn Seldon,Jul, p. 12

"Stay in the Know," IW, G. Miki Hayden,Jul, p. 18

"2004 WD Guide to Writing Software," Jack Clemens, Jul, p. 35

"Protect Your Manuscripts," IW, Eva Ciabattoni, Aug, p. 18

"What”s in a Name?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Aug, p. 24

"The Well-dressed Writing Space," Maria Schneider, Aug, p. 26

"M.F.A. Dreams," Ann Emmert Abbott, Oct, p. 34

"Tracking Queries," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Nov, p. 22

"The Writer”s Wish List," IW, Maria Schneider, Dec, p. 10


"Getting the Joke," N, Aury Wallington, Feb, p. 56

"Don”t Touch That Dial!" N, Christina Hamlett, Apr, p. 58

"Actions That Speak Volumes," N, Jason M. Eng, Jul, p. 58

"The Big Tease," N, Chad Gervich, Dec, p. 50


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