2002 Writer’s Digest Article Index

Business and Legal Matters
“Setting Fees,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Jan, p. 46
“Ad Advice,” Patty Hogan, TR, Jan, p. 62
“Contract Advocacy,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Feb, p. 47
“Can the Truth Get a Writer in Trouble?” Amy Cook, AL, Feb, p. 50
“Freelancing: A Wise Career Move?” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Mar, p. 44
“Recessionary Periods” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Apr, p. 42
“Asking Permission Instead of Forgiveness” Amy Cook, AL, Apr, p. 45
“POD Contracts: Read Before You Sign,” A.C. Crispin and Victoria Strauss, Apr, p. 23
“Straight Talk About Rights,” David A. Fryxell, NF, May, p. 15
“Building Business,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Jun, p. 46
“Stop, Thief!” Amy Cook, AL, Jun, p. 56
“FAQ: Business,” Melanie Rigney, AE, Jul, p. 10
“Waiting for Dollars,” Linda Formichelli, Jul, p. 32
“Should You Write for Free?” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Aug, p. 48
“Writing Together; Writing Sub Rosa,” Amy Cook, AL, Aug, p. 58
“Setting Goals for Making More Money,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Sep, p. 52
“Intangibles,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Oct, p. 43
“Contract Quandaries,” Amy Cook, AL, Oct, p. 44
“Copyright Law 101,” Amy Cook, Nov, p. 34
“FAQ: Copyright,” Jerry Jackson Jr., AE, Dec, p. 8
“Do You Need Liability Insurance?” Amy Cook, AL, Dec, p. 50
“Of Football and Taxes,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Dec, p. 48
“No Muss, No Fuss: File Online,” Patricia A. Wilczinski and Marie Manza, TR, Dec, p. 52

“A Hole in One for His Long Game,” Jessica Yerega, Jun, p. 30
“Catching the Devil and the Dream,” Jerry Jackson Jr., Jul, p. 30
“A Bone-Chilling Victory,” Jessica Yerega, Jul, p. 34
“Continuing to Change Lives,” Jane Friedman, Aug, p. 28
“Serving Up the Best Site,” Jessica Yerega, Oct, p. 27
“14 Lines of Love” Jane Friedman, Nov, p. 28

Electronic Writing and Publishing
“25 Best Places to Get Published Online,” Katie Struckel Brogan, Jan, p. 26
“Writer”s Web Site Do”s and Don”ts,” Amy Gahran, EP, Mar, p. 46
“Pump Up Web Content: 10 Tips,” Drew Robb, May, p. 22
“What Convergence” Means for Writers,” Steve Outing, EP, Jun, p. 41
“Promote Your Book With Your Own Web Site,” Amy Gahran, EP, Sep, p. 46
“Why Web Writing Must Get to the Point,” Amy Gahran, EP, Dec, p. 42

Fiction-Writing Technique “Where Am I Now?” Nancy Kress, F, Jan, p. 12
“The Big Picture,” Raymond Obstfeld, Jan, p. 32
“Scene Sealers: Good Intentions and Final Collisions,” critique by Gloria Kempton, ms. by Angela Fox, CL, Jan, p. 38
“O My Luve”s Like a Red, Red Rose,” Nancy Kress, F, Feb, p. 14
“Sizzling Sensitive Sentences,” Carolyn Campbell, Feb, p. 24
“Show or Tell? It”s a Balancing Act,” James Scott Bell, Feb, p. 28
“What a Character!” by Marvin J. Philips and Kelly Nickell, Feb, p. 30
“Craft a Classic With Vivid Detail,” critique by Steven Goldsberry, ms. by Michael Tsai, CL, Feb, p. 40
“Crowd Control,” Nancy Kress, F, Mar, p. 10
“Up the Ante Early for a Big Reader Payoff,” critique by Geoff Fuller, ms. by June F. Forte, CL, Mar, p. 40
“Reaction Shots,” Nancy Kress, F, Apr, p. 8
“Critique Me Kindly,” David King, May, p. 26
“Keeping It Real,” Nancy Kress, F, May, p. 9
“Lean Mean Prose Machine,” Nancy Kress, F, Jun, p. 8
“Maintaining the Lighter Side of Dark Humor,” critique by James Scott Bell, ms. by Adrian M. Tocklin, CL, Jun, p. 34
“A Variety of Voices,” Chris Rogers, Jun, p. 28
“You”re Now Entering the Twilight Zone,” Nancy Kress, F, Jul, p. 12
“Writing About Class Requires Style and Grace,” critique by David King, ms. by Marjorie Knorr, CL, Jul, p. 42
“Confessions of a Know-It-All,” Nancy Kress, F, Aug, p. 9
“Make Your Plot Sing With Theme Music,” Wendy Blythe Gifford, Aug, p. 24
“Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear,” Nancy Kress, F, Sep, p. 12
“Clues Make the Mystery,” April Henry, Sep, p. 30
“Follow Fiction”s Golden Rule: Show, Don”t Tell,” critique by Paul Bagdon, ms. by David M. Ryan, CL, Sep, p. 40
“How to Tell Time,” Michael Orlofsky, Oct, p. 18
“Make Your Fiction Flash,” Geoff Fuller and Pamelyn Casto, Oct, p. 20
“Hook Your Readers With a Compelling First Chapter,” critique by Geoff Fuller, ms. by Jenny Higgons, CL, Oct, p. 32
“The Importance of the Right Word,” Nancy Kress, F, Oct, p. 10
“Change Brings Your Characters to Life,” Nancy Kress, F, Nov, p. 12
“Keep First-Person Narration Fresh and Active,” critique by James Scott Bell, ms. by Stacie Morrell, CL, Dec, p. 38
“Who”s a Stereotype?” Nancy Kress, F, Dec, p. 11

Inspiration and Advice
“23 Writer”s Block-Busters!” John Estrella, Jan, p. 37
“A Celebration of Writing!” Mary Poggione, Feb, p. 12
“Who We Are,” Helen F. Brassel, Feb, p. 27
“Benefits of Keeping a Time Log,” Barbara Molin, Feb, p. 34
“Rejected: We Regret to Inform You,” Chuck Paustian, Mar, p. 24
“How to Keep a Writer”s Journal,” Ed Dee, Mar, p. 31
“A Room of One”s Own,” Jason Fargo, Mar, p. 32
“The A Teams,” Dawn Simonds, Apr, p. 18
“10 Tips on Beating the Blues,” Lynn Alfino, Apr, p. 30
“Be Your Own Fan,” Christine Krug, Jun, p. 31
“Fly Me. Please.” Alan Salomon, Jul, p. 38
“12 Tips for Battling Writer”s Block,” Don Feigert, Aug, p. 33
“Feng Shui for Writers,” Sephera Giron, Sep, p. 34
“5 Keys to Rediscovering Your Passion for Writing,” Liz Thompson, Sep, p. 38
“10 Disciplines for Fiction Writers,” James Scott Bell, Oct, p. 16
“The Love of Writing: It”s Kid Stuff,” Brette McWhorter Sember, Oct, p. 26
“Drawing the Line,” Wendy Hart Beckman, Nov, p. 32
“365 Writing Prompts to Keep You Writing Every Day,” Amanda Athon, Dec, p. 19
“Face the Public Without Fear,” Wayne Arthurson, Dec, p. 32
“Don”t Let These Writer”s Demons Dwarf Your Drive,” Sally Peterson, Dec, p. 34

“John Updike,” Kelly Nickell, WD, Jan, p. 34
“Lisa Lerner,” Jessica Yerega, FS, Jan, p. 50
“Reader”s Digest”s Jacqueline Leo,” Dawn Simonds, MSI, Jan, p. 58
“Elizabeth George,” David A. Fryxell, WD, Feb, p. 32
“Camilla Gibb,” Jerry Jackson Jr., FS, Feb, p. 42
“Poetry Editor Joseph Parisi,” Will Allison, MSI, Feb, p. 54
“C. Michael Curtis,” Katie Struckel Brogan, WD, Mar, p. 35
“Andes Hruby,” Jerry Jackson Jr., FS, Mar, p. 37
“Michael Chabon,” Kelly Nickell, WD, Apr, p. 20
“Harcourt Children”s Allyn Johnston,” Kate Fitzgerald, MSI, Apr, p. 50
“Richard Nelson Bolles,” Jessica Yerega, WD, May, p. 31
“Peggy Vincent,” Jerry Jackson Jr., FS, May, p. 33
“Sterling Lord Literistic”s Philippa Brophy,” Dawn Simonds, MSI, May, p. 59
“Isabel Allende,” Kelly Nickell, WD, Jun, p. 22
“Hari Kunzru,” Jerry Jackson Jr., FS, Jun, p. 40
“HarperCollins” Daniel Menaker,” Coleen Armstrong, MSI, Jun, p. 60
“Rick Moody,” Kelly Nickell, WD, Jul, p. 28
“Holly Payne,” Jerry Jackson Jr., FS, Jul, p. 44
“Jodie Rhodes Literary Agency,” Rachel Vater, MSI, Jul, p. 58
“Tracy Chevalier,” Anne Bowling, WD, Aug, p. 34
“Kiki DeLancey,” Jerry Jackson Jr., FS, Aug, p. 36
“Manus & Associates” Stephanie Lee,” Rachel Vater, MSI, Aug, p. 60
“Hallie Ephron,” Melanie Rigney, WD, Sep, p. 36
“Norman Gautreau,” Jerry Jackson Jr., FS, Sep, p. 44
“Publishers Lunch”s Michael Cader,” Kate Fitzgerald, MSI, Sep, p. 62
“Nicholas Sparks,” Kelly Nickell, WD, Oct, p. 28
“Persia Walker,” Jerry Jackson Jr., FS, Oct, p. 30
“Tess Gerritsen,” Beth Wechsler, WD, Nov, p. 36
“Paul Martin,” Jessica Yerega, FS, Nov, p. 38
“Redbook”s Editor in Chief Ellen Kunes,” Coleen Armstrong, MSI, Nov, p. 61
“Alice Sebold,” Jane Friedman, WD, Dec, p. 36
“Ocean Drive En Espanol”s Sara Fifi Castany,” Coleen Armstrong, MSI, Dec, p. 58

Marketing/Submitting Advice
“When the Editor Calls,” Jennifer Nelson, Jan, p. 19
“SASE R.I.P.?” Linda Formichelli, Jan, p. 22
“5 Writers Editors Hate,” Wayne Hoffman, Jan, p. 24
“Finding the Readers of Your Dreams,” M.J. Rose, MK, Feb, p. 43
“Query Basics,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Mar, p. 14
“How to Wow an Agent,” Lori Perkins, Apr, p. 14
“Query Letters: Getting Over the Transom,” critique by David King, ms. by Paul Ferris, CL, Apr, p. 34
“Plant the Seeds That Will Grow Profit,” M.J. Rose, MK, May, p. 36
“FAQ: Submissions,” Maria Witte, AE, Jun, p. 7
“E-Etiquette,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Jul, p. 53
“Don”t Forget the Marketing Synopsis,” M.J. Rose, MK, Aug, p. 42
“Get Editors to Call You,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Aug, p. 14
“Book Proposals: Nailing the Nonfiction Overview,” critique by James Scott Bell, ms. by Adrian M. Tocklin, CL, Aug, p. 38
“Format Your Novel Proposal,” WD staff, Aug, p. 21
“FAQ: Submissions,” Maria Witte, AE, Sep, p. 8
“Getting Magazines on the Cheap,” Mindy Phillips Lawrence, Sep, p. 33
“3 Crucial Questions for a Winning Proposal,” Diana Tonnessen, Oct, p. 22
“Buy My Book, Please,” Joan Mazza, Nov, p. 20
“Test Your Marketing Savvy,” Marcia Yudkin, Nov, p. 23
“Spend Your Marketing Dollars Wisely,” M.J. Rose, MK, Nov, p. 44
“Same Time Next Year,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Nov, p. 15
“More Submission FAQs,” Jerry Jackson Jr., AE, Nov, p. 10

“Antique Publications,” Nancy Hendrickson, MS, Jan, p. 56
“Music Publications,” Greg Schaber, MS, Feb, p. 53
“Environmental Publications,” Karen J. Maschke, MS, Mar, p. 49
“Children”s Publications,” Amy O”Neil, MS, Apr, p. 48
“Home and Garden Magazines,” Coleen Armstrong, MS, May, p. 58
“Genealogical Publications,” Nancy Hendrickson, MS, Jun, p. 58
“WD”s Top 30 Short Story Markets,” Kelly Nickell and Anne Bowling, Jun, p. 18
“Fishing Publications,” David Hart, MS, Jul, p. 58
“Ethnic Magazines,” Sandra Dark, MS, Aug, p. 59
“Teen Markets,” Kathleen Hammer, MS, Sep, p. 60
“Digital Photography Markets,” Donna Poehner, MS, Oct, p. 50
“Poetry Markets,” Nancy Breen, MS, Nov, p. 60
“Erotica Markets,” Katy Terrega, MS, Dec, p. 57

Nonfiction-Writing Technique
“Looking for the Silver Lining,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Jan, p. 17
“Refresher Course,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Feb, p. 18
“6 Keys to Powerful Profiles,” Steven James, Mar, p. 22
“Literary Journalism: Learning the Basics,” Mark Mass, Mar, p. 28
“Mix Mastery,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Apr, p. 11
“21st Century Quotes: 6 Do”s and Don”ts,” Michael Bugeja, May, p. 28
“Ponder the Plain Positives,” Rosemarie Ostler, May, p. 30
“Third Time”s a Charm,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Jun, p. 12
“Refrigerator Journalism,” Don Ranly, Jun, p. 32
“Connect the Dots, Create a Picture,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Jul, p. 18
“Avoid Common Grammar Pitfalls,” Becky Ohlsen, Aug, p. 19
“It”s a Bird! It”s a Plane! It”s Your Lead,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Sep, p. 16
“On the Case,” Wayne E. Pollard, Sep, p. 24
“Add One Anecdote,” Eric Freedman, Sep, p. 26
“Write a Better Business Letter: 10 Tips,” Mary Anne Donovan, Sep, p. 28
“Credit Where Credit”s Due,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Oct, p. 14
“Master the Mechanics of Nonfiction,” Robyn Conley-Weaver, Nov, p. 26
“Enough Backstory, On With the Action,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Dec, p. 15

Opportunities for Writers
“Spread the Wealth,” Drew Robb, Jan, p. 36
“Write All About It,” R.D. Thomas, Jan, p. 30
“Book Packaging 101,” Jenna Glatzer, Feb, p. 36
“Evergreen Topics=Evergreen Billfold,” Andrea King Collier, Mar, p. 20
“Cash In With Reprints,” Kelly James-Enger, Mar, p. 27
“10 Tips for a Terrific Conference,” Susanne M. Alexander, May, p. 24
“When to Workshop?” Viv Griffith, May, p. 25
“Articles You Wouldn”t Take Home to Mother,” Linda Formichelli, May, p. 29
“8 Tips to Networking Success,” Patricia Fry, Jul, p. 36
“The Secret to Research Interviews,” Ridley Pearson, Aug, p. 26
“Tapping the Corporate Gold Mine,” Peter Bowerman, Sep, p. 22
“How to Write PR That Gets Published,” Michael Valverde, Oct, p. 24
“Put Power in Your Presentation,” Marita Littauer, Nov, p. 21
“The Art of Anniversaries,” Brad Herzog, Dec, p. 33

Personal essays and Poetry
“Know Your Occasion,” Sheila Bender, PE, Feb, p. 22
“In Praise of Powerful Poetry,” Sheila Bender, Apr, p. 29
“Borrow Your Strategies,” Sheila Bender, PE, May, p. 18
“In Memoirs It”s the Eye That Counts,” Alane Salierno Mason, Jul, p. 20
“Write a Memoir to Remember,” Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, Jul, p. 22
“To Tell the Truth” Kate Fitzgerald, Jul, p. 25
“Hear What You Write,” Sheila Bender, PE, Aug, p. 17
“A Pep Talk for Essayists,” Sheila Bender, PE, Nov, p. 18
“Give Personal Experiences a Universal Meaning,” critique by Gloria Kempton, ms. by M.S. Halleck, CL, Nov, p. 40

“John Steinbeck”s Northern California,” Kelly Nickell, LT, Jan, p. 11
“Jim Wilson, Pastor,” Julianne Hill, C, Jan, p. 42
“Joanne Ingrassia,” Jan Jaben-Elion, FL, Jan, p. 48
“Theresa Hitchens, Defense Adviser,” Julianne Hill, C, Feb, p. 45
“Gilbert Mansergh,” Amanda Lynch, FL, Feb, p. 46
“Raymond Chandler”s Los Angeles,” Jason Fargo, LT, Feb, p. 52
“Lance J. Herdegen, Historical Writer” Julianne Hill, C, Mar, p. 45
“Dvora Waysman,” Jan Jaben-Elion, FL, Mar, p. 47
“Michael Chabon”s Pittsburgh,” Michael Dittman, LT, Apr, p. 22
“Kevin Dorff, Comedy Writer” Julianne Hill, C, Apr, p. 38
“Jack El-Hai,” Amanda Lynch, FL, Apr, p. 46
“Linda Fitzgerald, Technical Writer,” Julianne Hill, C, May, p. 40
“Mark Andress,” Jan Jaben-Eilon, FL, May, p. 41
“Joe Garden, Staff Writer at The Onion,” Julianne Hill, C, Jun, p. 42
“Pam McCully,” Amanda Lynch, FL, Jun, p. 48
“Daniel Joelson,” Jan Jaben-Eilon, FL, Jul, p. 50
“Rita Rosenkranz, Literary Agent,” Julianne Hill, C, Jul, p. 52
“Grady Smith,” Amanda Lynch, FL, Aug, p. 45
“Arthur Meyer, Organic Chemist,” Julianne Hill, C, Aug, p. 47
“Bob Burnett, Creative Director of Production,” Julianne Hill, C, Sep, p. 49
“Ruth Morris,” Jan Jaben-Eilon, FL, Sep, p. 51
“Janet Kleve, Medical Copy Supervisor,” Julianne Hill, C, Oct, p. 41
“Cathy Scott,” Amanda Lynch, FL, Oct, p. 42
“Allan Miller, Assistant Managing Editor,” Julianne Hill, C, Nov, p. 46
“Amy Chavez,” Jan Jaben-Eilon, FL, Nov, p. 47
“Christine Michie, TV News Producer/Writer,” Julianne Hill, C, Dec, p. 44
“Bill Butler,” Amanda Lynch, FL, Dec, p. 47

“Look Ma, No Ink!” Dan Poynter, SP, Jan, p. 44
“Should You Self-Publish First?” Dan Poynter, SP, Apr, p. 36
“Your Life, Your Love, Your Distributor,” Dan Poynter, SP, Jul, p. 48
“FAQ: Self-Publishing,” Jane Friedman, AE, Aug, p. 7
“Don”t Do Book Signings,” Dan Poynter, SP, Oct, p. 40

Writers” FYI
“Tools: Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer; Office v.X; Visor Pro; Visor Neo; Palm”s m125,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, Jan, p. 10
“Tools: iPod; iDisk; SystemWorks 2002,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, Feb, p. 13
“How to Spot a Scam,” William Adams, Feb, p. 38
“Tools: Anthro furniture; eMachine; NEC LCD monitors,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, Mar, p. 53
“101 Best Web Sites for Writers,” Maria Altevers, May, p. 20
“Tools: Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000; Final Draft; Enfish Find; AlphaSmart 3000,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, May, p. 8
“The WD Guide to Software for Writers,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, Jun, p. 24
“Tools: iMac; Wireless Desktop; FlashGO,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, Jul, p. 11
“Tools: PocketMouse Pro; Official Copyright; Write Again!” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, Aug, p. 8
“Before You Make the Call,” Sinara Stull O”Donnell, Aug, p. 27
“Tools: Massage pen; Forever Flashlights; WordDog Plain English Editor; Lapvantage,” Julio Ojeda-Zapate, T, Sep, p. 10
“Tools: Bluetooth; Wi-Fi; Apple PowerBook and AirPort,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, Oct, p. 7
“Third Annual Writer”s Holiday Gift Guide,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Nov, p. 49
“Tools: Alphasmart; Dana; eMac; Samsung ML-1430,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, Nov, p. 11
“Tools: eMachines, iPod, XPlay, Composer, Namo WebEditor 5, FrontPage 2002, Freeway, GoLive, Dreamweaver,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, Dec, p. 17

Writing for Kids
“Don”t Discount a Young Reader”s Logic,” critique by Paul Bagdon, ms. by Susan Vicchairelli, CL, May, p. 38

Writing Scripts
“7 Steps to a Successful Sitcom Script,” Aury Wallington, S, Mar, p. 16
“Getting Serious About Writing Comedy,” Tony Soltis, S, Jun, p. 14
“Script CPR: Cut, Polish, Revise,” Aury Wallington, S, Sep, p. 18
“Great Endings,” Tony Soltis, S, Dec, p. 17

Zines and E-Zines
“The Zine Board Speaks Out,” Jessica Yerega, Z, Jan, p. 51
“Reviews: Fiction Factor; Toasted Cheese; Southern Scribe,” Jessica Yerega, Z, Mar, p. 48
“Reviews: To-Do List, PekoPeko; Novel Wines; Dark Moon Rising,” Jessica Yerega, Z, May, p. 44 WD

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