1999 Writer’s Digest Article Index

Agents, Book Doctors, Editors & Editing
“Publishing Mergermania: Can an Agent Help You?,” John N. Frank, July.
“The WD Advocate: An Offer You Can Refuse,” Timothy Perrin, March.

Business & Legal Matters
“20 Tips To Better Time Management,” BW, Aug.
“Books on Demand: Getting What You Want When You Want It,” NYO, March.
“Hanging Out Your Shingle” (Business of Writing: Freelance Keys), Julie Kramer, June.
“Intellectual Property Attorney Alan J. Kaufman: ”Authors Who Don”t Adapt Will Be Harmed,”” Jerry Gross, Q&A, Jan.
“A Leap of Faith,” (Quitting your day job), BW, Oct.
“Six Keys to Home Office Success,” BW, July.
“The Skinny on Service Marks,” Dawn Simonds Ramirez, T, June.
“That Trademark Sound,” T, Nov.

“Once Upon a Character,” J.V. Jones, March.
“The Who in Whodunits,” J.A. Jance, March.

Conferences, Contests, Classes
“Getting the Most out of Your Conference Dollar,” Dennis E. Hensley, May.
“The Winner”s Circle,” (Winners of WD Self-Published Book Awards), Amanda Boyd, Aug.
“WD Contest” (Winners of the 1999 Writer”s Digest Writing Competition), Shanon Martin, Nov.

Equipment & Electronic Writing
“The Ultimate Computing Guide for Writers,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, May.

Fiction-Writing Technique
“The Four Steps of Manuscript CPR,” Carolyn Wheat, Aug.
“The 50-page Dash” (Writing a novel”s first 50 pages), David King, Feb.
“Altering the Work of Art: Revising Your First Draft” (Revising), F, July.
“The Art of Romance,” Peter Blocksom, March.
“At the Sound of the Tone,” F, March.
“The Bad Old Days” (Plotting for today”s skeptical reader), F, May.
“Can I Rely On You?” (Unreliable Narrators), F, April.
“Here”s Lookin” at You, Kid,” Michael Seidman, April.
“How I Built Novels Out of Writer”s Blocks” (Science Fiction), Octavia Butler, June.
“How to Write Who You Are,” James Scott Bell, July.
“Keeping Them In Suspense,” William J. Reynolds, March.
“Lost in the Women”s Room: Tips for Cross-Gender Writing,” Raymond Obstfeld, May.
“A Night to Remember,” (quality writing), F, Jan.
“On Deep Background” (Getting rid of excess background info.), F, Sept.
“The Plot Thickens,” Monica Wood, Jan.
“Seeing Isn”t Everything” (Using senses to set the scene), F, June.
“A Spoonful of Sugar,” F, Aug.
“Staging Your Stories,” F, Feb.
“Strong to the Finish,” F, Oct.
“Tense Thoughts,” F, Nov.
“Writing Clinic: Fixing Flawed Point of View,” David King, Jan.
“Writing Clinic: Foreshadow the Unexpected,” David King, Aug.
“Writing Clinic: Getting Into the Story,” Caroline Crane, July.
“Writing Clinic: Immersing Readers in Your World,” David King, Sept.
“Writing Clinic: Keeping Your Voice Under Control,” David King, April.
“Writing Clinic: Maintaining Tension in Your Mystery,” Caroline Crane, May.
“Writing Clinic: The Right Way to Use Interior Monologue,” David King, June.
“Writing Clinic: Young Adult Readers Crave Trouble,” Sally Lucas, Sept.

“The 100 Best Writers of the Century,” WD Staff, Nov.
“101 Best Web Sites for Writers,” WD Staff, May.
“Book Publishing 1999,” NYO, Jan.
“First-Hand Knowledge” (Art and writing), Meg Files, C, Jan.
“Great Gifts for Writers,” John N. Frank, Nov.
“No Place Like Home,” Alan Salomon, Aug.
“Recommended Reading,” NF, Nov.
“What You Should Do On Your Summer Vacation,” NF, Aug.
“Write a Better Holiday Letter,” Sheila Bender, Nov.

Inspiration & Advice
“10 Things Your Editor Will Never Tell You,” John Wood, Jan.
“Bad Advice,” Steven James, Oct.
“Cheaper by the Dozen,” (Reselling stories), Vicky Phillips, Jan.
“Get Yourself in a Poetic Mood,” Sheila Bender, TS, April.
“Juggling Act,” (Organization), Sally-Jo Bowman, Jan.
“How to Make Your Writers” Group Better, Raymond Obstfeld, Sept.
“Nontraditional Publishing Tale,” NYO, July.
“Reach don”t Preach,” (Writing for teenagers), Steven James, July.
“Rejection Won”t Kill You,” Suzanne Falter-Barns, Sept.
“Stop Putting It Off: A Hand-y Guide to Battling Procrastination,” Karen Peterson, Sept.
“Writing in Tandem,” (How to make co-authoring work), Jane Kise, July.
“Writing Reel Good Books” (Crafting novels for the screen), NYO, May.
“Writing . . . With Children,” Lauren Kessler, Nov.
“Your Words Can”t Wait,” Joy Fields, WL, Oct.

“The Profiler,” (David Remnick interview), John Solomon, April.
“What Do You Ask Marlon Brando?,” Larry Grobel, Aug.

Lifestyle & Humor
“Angel, Ten Years Later,” Judy Delton, WL, July.
“A Balancing Act,” (One author balances family and writing), Andromeda Romano-Lax, C, Sept.
“Cultboy Speaks,” R. Daniel Foster, WL, Nov.
“I Want to Be . . .,” Cherie Langlois, WL, June.
“My Big Break,” (Life imitates author”s articles on marriage), Francesca Kelly, C, July.
“The Nudist and Lana Turner”s Shoes,” (Writing conference life), C, May.
“The Writer at Bat,” Bonnie Harm-Pechous, C, June.
“Writing With Barbie and Midge,” Andrea King Collier, C, Nov.

Marketing/Submitting Advice
“10 Secrets of Getting Published,” Marshall Cook, Jan.
“11 Commandments for Writing Queries,” Lisa Milbrand, April.
“Buy Your Ticket and Climb on Board,” (Travel writing), Jason Fargo, Aug.
“Four Facets of a Sparkling Book Proposal,” Lori Foster, Oct.
“Give Your Editor a Golden Ring,” (Following up on submissions), Sandra M. Louden, WL, Jan.
“Making Money With the Web,” Sally Richards, Dec.
“Not Necessarily the Newsstand,” Elizabeth Larsen, April.
“Profit From Working for Free,” Wendy Bonifazi, Sept.
“Six Secrets to Finding Ideas That Sell,” Brad Herzog, July.
“Spinning Queries into Sales,” Brian McCombie, May.
“Take My Assignment-Please!” NF, April.

“The ABCs of the School and Library Market,” Christy Steele, M, Oct.
“Aim for the Top in ”99″ (Elite magazines), Casey L. Penn, M, Jan.
“Catholic Digest”s Richard Reese: ”You”re Talking About Spirituality More Than Religion,” Brad Crawford, Q&A, July.
“Chicago Magazine”s Shane Tritsch: ”Pitch Stories Ahead of the Curve Rather Than Behind It,”” Sam Jemielty, Q&A, Apr.
“Conde Nast Women”s Sports and Fitness” executive editor Mary Murray: ”If Writers Dig, They Can Find New, Interesting Things.”, Dawn Simonds Ramirez, Q&A, March.
“DiskUs Publishing”s Marilyn Nesbitt: ”Authors Need to Exploit Every Facet of Their Copyrights,”” Elisa De Carlo, Q&A, Oct.
“Fatbrain”s Judy Kirkpatrick…” Andrew Lucyszyn, Q&A, Dec.
“Going to the Dogs (and the Cats and the Birds),” Kim Campbell Thornton, M, Feb.
“Horseback Writing,” by Christie Miller, M, Nov.
“How to Sell to Regional Mags-From Anywhere,” Sally Richards, M, March.
“Maxim”s Mark Golin: ”Everything”s Not a Beer Joke,”” Alix Strauss, Q&A, Feb.
“Men”s Magazines: The Next Generation,” Frank Sennett, M, April.
“Modern Maturity”s Hugh Delehanty: ”Our Readership”s Influence Is Going to Be Enormous,”” Elizabeth Larsen, Q&A, Sept.
“More”s Myrna Blyth…” Jason Fargo, Q&A, Nov.
“A New Odyssey in Science Fiction,” John Frank, M, June.
Simon & Schuster”s Michael Korda: ”You Can Make Good Things Happen,”” Marsha Marks, Q&A, Aug.
“Summertime&#151and the Living Is Freezing,” Rob Griffin, M, Aug.
“Tricks of the Trade Market,” Leland Edward Stone, M, Sept.
“Web Zines Still Looking for Right Formula,” Pete Hisey, M, May.
“Write With a Higher Power,” (Religious markets), Jan Jabel-Eilon, M, July.
“The Writer”s Digest Fiction 50,” Dawn Simonds Ramirez, June.
“Writing Careers&#151Built by Association,” by Sherri Deatheridge Green, M, Dec.

Nonfiction-Writing Techniques
“9 Steps to Effective Speech-Writing,” Mike Brake, July.
“13 Steps to Stronger Journal Writing,” Sheila Bender, Sept.
“Art Is in the Detail,” Lauren Kessler, April.
“Catching a Catchy Lead,” NF, May.
“Dishing It Out,” (Writing reviews), NF, Oct.
“Easy as 1-2-3,” (Writing instruction manuals), Mary Anne Donovan-Wright, Aug.
“From Memory to Memoir,” Mimi Schwartz, Feb.
“Getting Personal,” (personal essays), Cynthia La Ferle, Feb.
“Hitting the Funny Bone,” NF, Feb.
“If Your Mother Says She Loves You . . .,” (Fact-checking), NF, Sept.
“Launching Your Memoir,” Homer Hickam, Feb.
“Pick a Name, Any Name,” NF, March.
“Preaching to the Choir: How to Write to Inspire,” Mary Ann O”Roark, July.
“Quit Shouting!,” NF, Jan.
“Rounding Up Great Quotes,” Sue Campbell, April.
“Stir Up Some Emotion With Symbols,” NF, July.
“Working Numbers into Words,” (Using math in writing), NF, June.
“Writing Science Articles Without a PH.D.,” Malcom Ritter, June.
“Writing Your Roots,” (Family-history articles), Lynn Ewbank, Feb.
“You Can Quote Me,” Michele Weldon, May.

Opportunities for Writers
“Breaking Into the Mickey Mouse Market,” (Licensed children”s books), Karen Raugust, Oct.
“Crafting Greeting Cards That Sell,” Valerie Zehl, Aug.
“Creating Advertising Miracles,” (10 rules for making great ads), Wendy B. Gifford, Oct.
“Shining the Spotlight on Someone Else” (Ghost writing), Drew Robb, Oct.
“Writing Videos You Can”t Rent at Blockbuster,” (Corporate video scripts), Susan Dimaggio-Rowland, Sept.

“John”s Legacy,” (John Ciardi), P, Sept.
“Painting Poems,” P, Jan.
“Pop Poetry,” P, May.
“Scientific Method,” P, March.
“The Verse Epistle,” P, July.
“Writing Clinic: Throw Away Those Throwaway Lines,” Michael Bugeja, Nov.

Profiles & Interview
Brooks, Terry (“May The Writing Force Be With You”), Melanie Rigney, June.
Connelly, Michael (“Writing the Thinking Man”s Mystery”), Kevin Davis and Dawn Simonds Ramirez, Sept.

“Because It”s There,” (Adventure books), Kate Fitzgerald, Aug.
“Don”t Get Caught in the Web,” Ron Chepesiuk, WL, June.
“Investigative Research: Secrets You Can Use,” Gerald Posner, June.

“Can We Talk?” (Movie dialogue), S, Aug.
“Conquering the Three-Act Structure,” S, Apr.
“Constructing a House of Cards,” (Organizing scenes), S, Oct.
“Here”s the Wind-Up… and the Pitch …,” S, June.
“Love at First Draft,” Michael Hague, Feb.
“Trade Secrets,” (Formatting), S, Feb.

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