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Hi Writers,
I had another fabulous Friday scanning through the many great writing blogs that have been nominated for my project.

Brief but potentially interesting sidenote: Many, many writers have cats, and post multiple photos of cats on their blogs. Kind of made me want to get my own feline to be part of the club. Peer pressure, you know.

Anyway, back to my blogroll project. For various reasons having nothing to do with this project I was feeling a little blue today and really needed a good laugh. Well, I'm so glad I found this blog because it gave me exactly what I needed:
Screw You!: Daily (or thereabouts) diatribes of a frenzied freelancer by Kathy Kehrli.

Irreverently innovative, hilariously hostile and frankly funny, this is your go-to blog to blow off a little steam with your writing buddy Kathy, as she sounds off on the dastardly deeds of her clientele. She also has a straight-up, buttoned down website The Flawless Word and blog for her freelance business with very solid information. Check out both. You may find yourself wondering: Is this really the same person? I do wonder what happens if one her clients inadvertantly stumbles upon her Screw You! blog. Kathy, please get on here and tell us: How do you keep from getting caught, and/or what do you do when you get caught?

Also, I realize this is an unfair advantage, but I gave Kathy bonus points for being from Scranton, PA, the fictional setting of my favorite TV show The Office.

Screw You! is now, forever and always inscribed on my blogroll. Could yours be next? Find out next Friday. Keep nominating your favorite writing blogs right here in my comments.

Keep Writing,
P.S. As you may have noticed, I tend to over-use alliteration when I'm down. All apologies for that.