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Hi Writers,

It's FRIDAY! the most exciting day of the week in writing
blogdom. It's the day of the week I add another writer's blog to
my ever-expanding blogroll in my Project 20/20: Build my Blogroll contest. I'm adding one blog a
week, each Friday, for 20 weeks.

And today I'm announcing sweet number six, which belongs to a writer
who is also a Writer's Digest frequent forumista. In fact, we've been
having the most interesting conversation about writing
blogs on the forum. Another frequent forumista, Ultimate Cheapskate, seems to think that writing a blog, a.k.a. giving away your work, is pointless. We had a really fascinating, slightly controversial subject about it, of course we had to point out to Cheapskate the error of his ways. Please check it out and add to the discussion you writer/bloggers.

With that I'd like to introduce my next blogroll add: A Writer's Edge
by Georganna Hancock.

Georganna has been blogging since 2004. Three years seems like an eternity in blogdom, doesn't it?

I liken blog years to dog years: 1 year blogging = 7 regular years.
21 years blogging! Amazing!

Georganna is perhaps even more obsessive/compulsive than I am in keeping up on publishing industry trends and news, and she shares freely, along with her own writing tips for success.

Please join me in welcoming Georganna to my lovely blog circledom.

Please note: I've added my original post about Project 20/20, which includes many of the blogs that have been nominated (in the comments section), in the left navigation here.

Keep nominating your favorite writing blogs--there are still 14 weeks to go!

Keep Writing,


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