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Hi Writers,
It's the fourth week in my ongoing quest to add one writer's blog to my blogroll each week for 20 weeks.

If you've been following my Project 20/20, one thing you've probably noticed is that I have eclectic tastes. After last week's choice of J.A. Konrath's blog A Newbie's Guide to Publishing, there was some discussion on our forum about whether a writer's blog should offer entry into their personal/writing life.

I think there is a place for it. If you're able to craft scenes from your life into writing for your blog that's relevant to others, I say go for it.

The number one problem I see though, is that many writers, when writing for their blog, seem to forget the number one prerogative for all writers: respect your reader.

They're including lots of mundane, undigested, stream-of-conscious type stuff that doesn't make a lot of sense or have relevance to anyone outside of their circle of acquaintances. I'd strongly recommend that if you're keeping a blog as a highly personal journal or diary—keep a password on it so it's out of the public domain. You don't want to offer the world a poor reflection of your writing.

There are some writers, however, who are doing a spectacular job of incorporating their personal/writing life into their blogs.

Here's a good example of a writer who's doing it well. The Week 4 add to my blogroll:
Shanghai Adventures of a Trailing Spouse by Kristin Bair O'Keeffe

This link takes you to the home page of Kristin's website, which is stunning. This is one great looking website/blog. But lest you writers think I'm choosing style over substance, check out her blog. Her posts are well-crafted and offer great insight into her adventurous writing life as she writes her first novel.

There's much here to offer inspiration to other writers. I especially love this post she did recently, Writing: On Process. The Novel as Pie Crust.

Kristin, please tell us: Did you design this site on your own? Do you take these beautiful photographs? And has keeping the blog helped motivate you to keep pushing forward on your novel?

Shanghai Adventures of a Trailing Spouse is now, forever and always, emblazoned on my blogroll hall of fame.

There's still 16 weeks/16 blogs to go, so keep the nominations coming!

Keep Writing,

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