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Pay attention to what you're posting today, you bloggers of blogland. Because it will still be around tomorrow. If your posts are without purpose, you're not doing yourself a service.Let me repeat that: Blogging Isn't Temporary. What you do now may one day be surfed by someone who isn't even born yet, and that path will lead back to you. Do you want that path to result in interest or apathy?Think about why you blog, and what purpose it's serving. Look at your last fifty entries. Will they be of any interest to someone in 2017? If not, why do you think they are of any interest to anyone now?That's why I don't do memes. That's why I don't blog about personal stuff. That's why I don't push my own books constantly—no one ever seeks out ads. And that's why, except on rare occassions, I don't blog about events, peers, friends, family, or what I watched on TV last night.Your blog is a tool. But too many people are using hammers to scratch their asses rather than drive nails. If you blog as a form of entertainment, that's no problem—have fun. If you blog to increase your name recognition, you may be doing more harm than good.

Hi Writers,
It's the third week in my Project 20/20. My goal: to add one writer's blog to my blogroll each Friday for 20 weeks.

I have a personal favorite to add to the blogroll this week, because it's a blog I really think you will all enjoy and take something away from:
A Newbie's Guide to Publishing by J.A. Konrath, author of the Lt. Jack Daniels thriller series.

I find a lot of what's on Joe's blog helpful to writers, especially in terms of learning how to market your work. Joe's written several great marketing articles for Writer's Digest and it's really been my pleasure to work with him for the past few years. He's so gracious in terms of sharing what he's learned about the publishing world with other writers, and he does so in a way that's always refreshing, down-to-earth and positive.

Of course, he's figured this whole blogging thing out, too. Joe really knows how to cut to the chase and give you something meaningful to think about at the same time. Here's an especially pertinent post:

Blogging is not temporary

Blogging, like newspaper and radio, is often mistaken for a disposable form of information. Yet I get lots of hits from Google on old blog posts, and many of them continue to accrue comments.

A Newbies Guide to Publishing is the 3rd writer's blog to be forever carved into the trunk of my blog tree. I raise a shot of Jack to you, Joe Konrath, on behalf of writers everywhere!

Keep the nominations coming. There are still 17 blogs to add!

Keep Writing,

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