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Hi Writers,

Well, it's week 14 in my undeniably ambitious, slightly insane quest to add one writer's blog to my blogroll each Friday for 20 weeks. A time consuming project, yes, but definitely worth it.

I've been regularly perusing many of the blogs nominated
for my blogroll. As I've mentioned before, it's been quite inspiring to
watch new-ish blogs grow and develop over a period of time. You can find the majority of nominations by following the link in
the left navigation here (Project 20/20 Build my blogroll link). And feel
free to keep nominating blogs.

My week 14 add is another blog that I've been watching for awhile now,
I do like to see that they're being consistent over a period of time,
which as any blogger will tell you, is challenging.

Becoming a Writer Seriously: Tools and Trade Secrets for Aspiring Writers
By Tom Colvin

Tom is seriously doing a fabulous job of being both an aggregator of news and resources for writers, as well as writing his own reviews of tools of the trade.

Here's one helpful post: A comprehensive review of word processors. Tom has done lots of good posts on marketing and self-publishing. One other thing I find particularly interesting, in Tom's bio he mentions that he plans on turning his blog posts into a book. I'm curious to hear more about, so Tom please get on here and explain more about this project of yours—I think it's something a lot of writer/bloggers consider.

Congratulations Tom, my newest add. A warm welcome to my online stomping grounds.

Keep Writing,


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