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Hi Writers,

It's oh-so-lucky week #13 in my unstoppable quest to add one writer's blog to my blogroll each week for 20 weeks.

And without further adieu, I'd like to announce this week's add:

The Renegade Writer: A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Succes
by Linda Formichelli

If you're trying to break into freelancing, make this blog your go-to source for advice, resources, and just plain chutzpah that's necessary to establish a freelance writing career. I'd pay attention to anything Linda had to say—she's a real pro.

Check out the Renegade Writer’s FAQ advice archives, for lots of sassy, saucy advice for the working writer.

Here's one post I found especially useful in that renegade writer way:

The sneaky way to e-mail a magazine editor:
If you want to e-mail an editor, but don’t have her address, don’t fret — I’ve compiled the e-mail formats of some of the bigger publishing companies. Of course, there are always variations, such as when an editor has a hyphenated last name…but this list will still help in many cases.

The Renegade Writer’s blog even shares some real query letters that won assignments here. I think this is quite useful to help illustrate what editors are really looking for in a query.

Congratulations Linda, you renegade you. My blogroll is charmed by your rebel spirit.

I'm still taking nominations—7 spots to fill!

Keep Writing,
P.S. A correction: All apologies for neglecting to mention Diana Burrell in my original post. Diana and Linda co-blog on the Renegade Writer site.