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Hi Writers,
It's the 10th week in My Project 20/20 Build my Blogroll Project. You can read all about the project and nominate a writing blog in "Project 20/20" in the left navigation.

This week's add is all about the power of friends.

I've been noticing a trend lately, in the form of multiple writers gathering together to form a blog collective. This makes a lot of sense when you realize the time and commitment it takes to put out a quality blog on a continuous and relenteless basis. And when you consider the exponentially increased audience a group of writers can reach, well, a group blog really starts to make a lot of sense.

One of the first writing collective blogs I came across is this fine blog that was nominated at the beginning of my project. Congrats to our friendly writing neighbors to the north:
The Canadian Writers' Collective
hosted by the following writers:

  • Melissa Bell
  • Anne Chudobiak
  • Tricia Dower
  • Steven Gajadhar
  • Tamara J. Lee
  • Antonios Maltezos
  • Andrew Tibbetts

I'm guessing with 7 regular writers and specical guests, it's easy to keep the blog fires burning. Not to mention the fun factor of blogging as a group experience.

This blog is a bit of everything you'd want in a writing blog, really. Yesterday they posted a Halloween Haiku contest. There are posts from one writer's "Journal of a Wannabe Novelist" to advice on which writing books to invest in.

I'd love for any or all of the members of the Canadian Writers' Collective to stop in and tell us what it's like to be part of a group blog. I'd like to get into one of those myself!

Keep Writing,