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Hi Writers,
Wow, thanks for all of the nominations for my Project 20/20: Build my Blogroll. I had a wonderful day sifting through the 50 or so blogs nominated. If you get a chance, go check out some or all of the blogs mentioned in my comments section below, there's some great stuff there.

But alas, I had to choose just one for today. And it is:
The Urban Muse: Adventures in Reading, Writing and Living the Creative Life by Susan Johnston

Copywriter by day, freelancer by night, Susan is a young writer who's chronicling her professional writing life, as well as offering resources for her fellow writers. She has some great interviews with industry insiders as well as lots of helpful tips. One of my favorites posts is: Five Ways to Promote Your Blog. Susan's tone is personal yet still polished and professional. The design is clean and readable. There's so much helpful information on her blog, really, I think I'm going to have to get her to do some writing for Writer's Digest. Susan, please do stop by and tell us how you find the time to put this all together.

Susan's URL is now inscribed on my blogroll, which is going to be filled by the end of this year. 20 blogs in 20 weeks. Be my BFF* (blog friend forever). Keep the nominations coming.

Keep Writing,
Your Bloggess (aka "The Pit Boss")
P.S. you should try to get a job where someone pays you to look at blogs all day, it's really quite entertaining.

* apologies for the lame yet ironic use of IM-speak.

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