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Hi Writers,
Mark Peters of wordlustitude (see posts below) asked me to post the following comment. Here it is:

Thanks for the link, Maria!

I'd gladly cop to the title of loony lexicologist. I consider the main purpose of the site to be humor--though it's definitely adult humor that's not for everyone, and I collect rare words from any source whatsoever. Sorry Michael! But I've been tickled that professional linguists and lexicographers have taken an interest in the site too. I got a great link this week from Ben Zimmer's blog at Oxford University Press, where he explains what kind of words I collect better than I do:

I first became interested in ephemeral (or nonce) words from this great book about the unique language of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

That's a book that Buffy-lovers or word-lovers should enjoy.

And, without going too far off topic or too garishly into self-promotion, I can't resist getting in a plug for my language column as well:

-Mark Peters