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Hi Writers,
I just finished interviewing Brock Clarke about his great, funny new novel (cleverly disguised as a memoir) The Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England.

You'll have to wait a few months for the interview. But do check out the website for his book, which features a memoirizer: type in your (real or made up. Probably made up) information and the memoirizer will write your bookjacket blurb. Quite the creative publicity department, you must admit.

To get your own memoirizer blurb go to:

Here's the blurb the memoirizer wrote for me: (hee)

Who I Was Who I Am and Who I Want to Be A Memoir
by Maria Schneider

In Who I Was, Who I Am, and Who I Want to Be, Maria Schneider tells the almost too- remarkable-to-be-true story of her rise from villain to hero, including her struggle to overcome her sexual voraciousness, her troubled relationship with her partner and children, and her addiction to drugs, all of which lead her to a life of crime and to rehab, where she found redemption and the strength and wisdom to write this cautionary memoir about the power and resiliency of the human condition.

Feel free to post your memoirizer blurbs here, too.
Keep Writing,