I'll Take Manhattan

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Well, maybe a little sliver of it, anyway...

Hi Writers,
I’m getting ready to head off to the annual BEA/Writer’s Digest Books Writer’s Conference. It's next Wednesday, May 30 in New York. By the way, if you’d like to go (and, come on, why wouldn’t you?) you can register at the door. If any of my loyal readers here are at the conference, please say hi. See, that’s me in the left hand corner of this blog page (btw that nimbus doesn't always follow me around.)

Our lovely columnist Jodi Picoult is the keynote speaker. And I’ll be speaking at the conference on breaking into magazines. Then in the afternoon, I get to be a bell ringer/ bouncer for the Agent Pitch slam, where Kevin Alexander will be helping out, too. If you’ve never been to a pitch slam, let me tell you, they’re thrilling. We have more than 60 agents fielding 3-minute pitches—it’s sheer, exquisite, hyperventilating, invigorating chaos.

Then I’m covering Book Expo America—one of the book industry’s premiere events. I’ll be working the floor, meeting authors, editors and other industry bigshots to provide you with on-the-scene reportage until Saturday evening, when I’ll have one too many whiskey shots at the reception for TOW Books (F+Ws new humor imprint), start showing off my Strunk & White tattoo, and get escorted to the door.

I know—you can’t wait. Neither can I. It's going to be great.

Keep Writing,