Dzanc Books Rocks!

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Hi Writers,
Two posts in one day—I know I spoil you—but you're worth it. Also we're between deadlines for the print magazine and I get bored easily.

I like to pass along good publishing news whenever I run across it. Please read this wonderful article from Wired on a small, renegade publishing house that's moving and shaking things up on its own terms:

From Old to New Media: Blog Begets Publishing House

A small press, growing? How could it be?
Against market trends, Dzanc Books is a small publisher poised to succeed, hiring staff and expanding quickly. And that may be because it sprouted from a blog rather than a traditional printing press, and it is certainly web-savvy.
Since its launch in 2006, Dzanc Books has acquired other presses, signed numerous authors, launched an education program and started an award -- the Dzanc Prize -- to encourage writers to undertake community literacy projects.
Dzanc is growing at a time when there are few independent publishers left, and the remaining ones were hit hard by the recent bankruptcy of Advanced Marketing Services, a major distributor.
"We do not intend to fall into the potholes that sent the hubcaps of our predecessors flying," says co-founder Steve Gillis. "We are not caught in the old template of how publishing has been done."

Dzanc Books ~ I salute you!

Keep Writing,