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Hi Writers,
There have been several recent articles on the independent publishing front that I wanted to draw your attention toward.

First is from Publishers Weekly Editor Sara Nelson who argues that POD technology is more cost-effective in the long run than traditional offset publishing: "The Summer of POD."

Here's a short excerpt:
"I understand that there are issues that still bother traditional
publishers, like what to do about a POD book always being more
expensive to produce than a “regular” offset one. To that I say,
consider this: as the bestselling PublicAffairs/McClellan example
proves, it's probably better for a publisher to take the reduced profit
on an immediately available POD title rather than risk that the public
losing interest in the two weeks it could take stores to restock
traditional versions. Besides, when you factor in the cost of returns,
you almost always will win by printing on demand."

Second, is this press release from the Perseus Books Group, announcing a new digital initiative to offer a full range of digital services--EBooks, POD, Short Print Run and marketing and distribution services. This new service is aimed at small, independent and self-publishers. If you fall into that category, I think this new service would be well worth exploring.

I'd love to hear about your experiences with self-publishing and where that trend is heading. Please leave a comment here or on our WD forum.

Keep Writing,