Can you make money with a blog?

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To Caroline Little, the chief
executive of Washingtonpost Newsweek Interactive, the ad network is
good business. Most ad buyers don't want to take the time to buy space
on dozens of different blogs, she said, and the staff-driven side of
the website often doesn't have enough stories about technology,
business or health for advertisers looking to place ads near that
content. With the blog roll, the Post can grab ad revenue that might
have gone elsewhere.

Hi Writers,
I've been saying for a while now that there will soon be a time when many writers will be writing blogs as a full-time job. Since I've encountered a lot of skepticism about this, every time I find an article in the mainstream media to support this viewpoint, I'm going to post it here.

This is from the Los Angeles Times "Newspapers, Bloggers, Now on the Same Page."

This year, the Washington Post added a sponsored blog roll to its
website, a directory of links to blogs that specialize in travel,
technology, health and more. If the Post sells an ad on the blog roll's
main page, the bloggers split the money with the newspaper. So far,
about 100 bloggers have signed up.

Have you found a creative way to make money blogging? If so, please share here with your fellow writers.

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