Wanted: Agent for a Multicultural Picture Book

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Q. I am the author of several children's books and am currently in need of
an agent who is well-established and has a great deal of experience in
representing a variety of authors. My children's book is however
primarily geared towards an African-American audience. I would greatly
appreciate it if you could recommend an agent to assist me in this
endeavor. I look forward to hearing your favorable response. Thank you
for your kind consideration.
- T.D.

A. Hi, T.D. I don't recommend individual agents like you're asking, but for this, first look through agents that handle children’s works – specifically ones that seek picture books because few do. From there, look through their web pages and interviews (etc.) and try to find any agents that specifically say that multicultural or ethnic themes are of interest. Those can be your specific targets if you like. However, all picture book agents would probably be willing to give it a look, though - don't discount them.

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