Sobering Moment: When I Yell at the Dog, I'm Actually Yelling at Myself

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It's true. When I give my pooch, Graham, a hard time for his extreme laziness and Jell-O Jiggler body composition, I'm actually yelling at myself. I discovered it the other month. Don't believe me? Well, let's look at some things I've said to Graham.

1. "Graham, you're the flabbiest."
2. "Do something with your life, Graham."
4. "Did you make any money today, Graham?"
5. (very sarcastic) "Looks like someone had another very big day!"
6. "Graham, you're so flabby that you jiggle."

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I'm projecting my own insecurities on to the dog! It's true!! Granted, he is very flabby and lazy, but I had no idea a few months ago of this projection. Poor Graham-bo. So maybe that's why he got two chewies tonight instead of one. "That's right, Graham ... I'm sorry. Here, eat something for a change."