READER QUESTION: Will There Be A Pitchfest in New York?

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Hey, folks--

Wanted to respond to Rosetta's Great American Pitchfest question from a couple days ago...

"When will an event like this [or at least similar to it] be available
in the New York City region?... I
learned about this coming event a little too late to plan to attend and
would like to know about such future PitchFests."

Well, Rosetta, I talked to Signe Olynyk, the head of Pitchfest, who says that while they eventually hope to do a NYC Pitchfest, it's not on the radar quite yet. The event started in Canada, where they did two Pitchfests just before the Banff TV Festival and another in Vancouver, in association with the Film and Television Expo of Western Canada, but these were much smaller than the LA incarnation. While a New York version would be great, it would likely be much smaller-- both in professionals and attendance-- and they'd probably have to fly in many execs from California.

Having said, that GOOD NEWS!... Here are two well-respected New York events that DO have pitching opportunities, so check 'em out... they may be just what you're looking for!...

The New York Television Festival - September 21-26, 2009

Pitch Your Hit: Women-in-Film's Two-Day Workshop - June 9 & June 15, 2009

Good luck! And here's last year's pilot winner of the New York TV Festival's People's Choice Award, Teachers...


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