Pitch Your TV Idea to Agents, Execs, and Producers... on Oct. 5!

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Hey, folks—

Just wanted to let you know,
I’m hosting and moderating Mediabistro’s “Pitch Slam next Monday, October 5… and for
anyone working on an idea for the next “Royal Pains,” “30 Rock,” or “Kitchen
,” this is an incredible opportunity!

Here’s how it works: we
bring in a panel of TV industry experts… you show up and pitch your idea to the
panel… the panel gives you feedback on your pitching technique, your
presentation, your idea, etc.

You also get to watch
everyone else’s pitch—and they get to watch yours—so it’s a terrific way to
learn about pitching, and what people respond to, even when you’re not in the
hot seat.

It’s been a while since
the last “Pitch Slam,” and we’ve got an incredible panel lined up…Jill Young, a creative executive at The
Littlefield Company
(former NBC president Warren Littlefield’s production
company with ABC Studios); Alan Moore, an alternative/reality TV agent at APA;
and BJ Ford, a TV literary manager/producer at Roar Entertainment, one of the
hottest new management firms in Hollywood.

We’ll be doing pitches for
all kind of TV: comedy, drama, reality, and everything in between.So if you’re interested, here’s the
scoop… hope to see you there!


Pitch Your TV idea to
Producers and Agents

So you have an idea for the next Mad Men or The Big Bang
? Do you want to be the new Larry David or Damon Lindelof? Do
you think you're ready to run your own hard-boiled procedural or sexy soap?
Well, before you can create the next great TV show, there's something you gotta
do first. Pitch it!

In this pitch slam --
limited to 20 attendees -- you'll have the chance to pitch your TV
idea to a panel of television's top agents, execs, and producers.
Whether you're
developing TV's next big comedy, drama, or reality show, this is your
opportunity to bounce it off some of Hollywood's smartest, most influential
buyers and sellers.

Everyone who signs up
will get one chance to pitch their idea to our panel of guests, followed by a
round of feedback. While we can't promise you'll sell something, we do
promise you'll get top-notch, no-nonsense constructive criticism guaranteed to
make your idea -- and your pitching skills -- better, stronger, and more

Panelists will include:

-- Alan
, alternative/reality TV agent, APA

-- Jill Young, creative executive, The Littlefield
Company/ABC Studios (Keen Eddie, Love, Inc., Like Family, Do Over)

-- BJ Ford,
(TV Lit), Roar Entertainment

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WHEN: Monday, October
5, 7-9 pm

WHERE: Los Angeles, CA
(details to come upon sign-up)

COST: $65 ($50 for
avantguild members)

212-547-7890 or click HERE