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"Love in the Time of Downsizing"Steve (40) is a miserable, cantankerous SOB, who finds that his long-laid plans for self-downsizing is finally starting to bear fruit when his Boss presents him with an offer he can't refuse: submit to the company's new Wellness Program, and if in 6 weeks, his disruptive at work attitude can't be adjusted; his self-downsizing wish - and the severance windfall that accompanies it - will be granted. But when Steve meets and immediately falls in love with Alice (36), the sexy, eccentric, alcoholic Wellness Program Instructor he learns is (unwillingly) destined for downsizing; he presents a very different face at work - one of charisma and cool confidence - that brings a surge of curious new members to Alice's program; securing her immediate future within the company. It also garners the attention of the Boss' who mistake Steve's charade as proof that he may just be what they've been looking for: someone fresh, re-energized, and confident; a man who can be presented to the Board as appearing to be the company's new face during these tough economic times. Meanwhile, Steve struggles to woo Alice away from a competing nemesis while juggling his new found celebrity with other female co-workers, as he continues to plot his professional demise within the company in the hopes of receiving his elusive severance prize.

Today's submission to the Script Notes Pitch Workshop comes from Matt in Montreal, who is looking for feedback on his synopsis for his feature idea, Downsize This! (although he's not married to the title). He also says:

"I'm aiming for a Jim Carrey inspired, farout main Protagonist, contrasted with an even wilder love interest, populated with supporting characters with their own selfish designs...

I'm happy with what I have here, but if you could offer me any specific guidance with how to improve the above synopsis, I would greatly appreciate it."

So please... take a look and post your constructive criticism in the comments section below! Here's Matt's synopsis... and thanks for submitting, Matt!...

Title: Downsize This!
Genre: Romantic Comedy

In the end, Steve must decide if what he wants - financial independence - is really worth sacrificing what it is he truly needs - love?

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