My Adventures in ... Alaska (and Canada, Too)

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I just got back from a cruise vacation to Alaska and British Columbia. (It was kind of the last chance to vacation before things get super-crazy this fall.) My wife and I saw whales, glaciers -- the whole deal. It was very nice. One of the coolest parts about going anywhere out of the area is popping into the bookstores of different sizes and seeing if they carry my books. It's always a thrill to see your work on the shelves. (Isn't that what we daydream about when we first start writing?) Here is a quick picture montage of my bookstore searches:

The downtown Seattle Barnes & Noble:
I found Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript.
You can barely, barely see it, but to the
left of my knee (mostly obscured) is the
brand new 2011 Guide to Literary Agents.

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

Above: Hearthside Books in metro Juneau did
not have any of my books, but did have
the brand new 2011 Writer's Market, which
was quite a thrill to its awesome editor,
Robert Brewer.

Above: The employees at Munro's Books in Victoria, BC,
Canada were super sweet. After finding my books,
they must have looked me up, because a kind
lady asked if I was the author of How to Survive
a Garden Gnome Attack. I answered "Hell yes."

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

Lastly: a glacier. Wowzers.


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