Literary Agent Alert: Tess Callero of Curtis Brown, Ltd.

Literary agent spotlights (with this spotlight featuring Tess Callero of Curtis Brown, Ltd.) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list.

About Tess: 

After graduating with a dual degree in Marketing and English from Indiana University, Tess moved to New York City to pursue a career in publishing. She has been with Curtis Brown since 2015, building her list in both the adult and young adult space. She also serves as the Social Media Director for the agency and is a member of the Digital Innovations and the Contracts committees of the AAR.

What She’s Seeking:

Contemporary YA across genres, but I’m especially looking for a good romance or suspense. I’d love a heartfelt friendship story, or a coming-of-age that makes me ugly cry. I’m also interested in accessible YA fantasy and magical realism. Some recent favorites include ONE OF US IS LYING, THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END, and DEAR MARTIN.

On the adult side, I’m looking for mystery/thriller/suspense, upmarket women’s fiction, and #ownvoices romance, both historical and contemporary. I especially appreciate a smart, young, self-aware female narrator. Think SWEETBITTER, THE ASSISTANTS, or LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE in these categories.

For nonfiction, I’m on the hunt for food narrative, cookbooks, pop culture, science, business, history/biography, women’s issues, humor, and true crime. Recent favorites include AMERICAN FIRE, CORK DORK, and BACHELOR NATION.

How to Query:

Please query me at No attachments please. I will respond if interested.

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