Is WL Writers Agency Reputable? No Way, Jose.

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"Is WL Writers Agency an agency
that is ethical and can get results?
They are interested in my manuscript."

That's the question of the day, submitted by a writer named David.

The answer: Absolutely not. WL Writers Agency is actually a sprawling agency that is comprised of many little fee-charging agencies, such as the notoriously bad New York Literary Agency and Poet's Literary Agency.

In fact, this agency is named one of the "20 Worst" by Writer Beware, a site dedicated to protecting writers from all the Internet scams out there. See the Writer Beware "20 Worst" page here for more information.

Always remember: When in doubt, simply Google. I Googled "WL Writers Agency" and was immediately immersed in dozens of message boards, forums and blogs where writers were denouncing the agency as unscrupulous.