I am Critiquing Queries and Pitches!

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If you dread writing a query letter or composing a pitch for your book, perhaps all you need is a little feedback and instruction. That's why I'm running a webinar called "Novel Queries & Pitches: Critique Series." Here's the deal: The key to catching an agent's eye is a compelling query and pitch, so all registrants are invited to submit a hook (200 words or fewer) in advance of the event. All submitted hooks are guaranteed a critique! You can retool your query before sending it out to more agents.


It all goes down at 1 p.m., EST, Thursday, May 6, 2010. The session lasts 90 minutes. If you sign up but cannot make the entire webcast, no worries—because it will all be online and archived for you to watch over and over again for one year.


Successfully pitching an agent or editor on your book concept takes brevity and power. Whether you're pitching at a live event, or in the context of a query letter, two essentials must guide you: protagonist & problem. What you'll learn:

  • 5 essential elements of every query, and how to order them
  • 3 components of a compelling novel hook
  • Common mistakes and red flags that appear in typical queries
  • Why a shorter letter is more likely to succeed
  • What to put in your bio even if you have no credits


  • Writers who are actively querying agents and publishers
  • Writers whose query letters always get rejected (or never get a response)
  • Writers who will be pitching their concept at a conference

I hope to "see" you on May 6! Sign up here.