How to Word a Follow-up Query to an Agent

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Thank you for your time, and I hope to speak more with you soon about the project.Sincerely,

A co-worker of mine is about to follow up on a query to an agent and asked what the proper way to word such a message was. I realized that we had talked about this subject before, but never seen an example. That said, let's look at one. Following your info at the top, centered, and the agent info on the left, it would be something like this:


Dear [Ms. Agent]:

Hi, my name is Chuck Sambuchino and I am just following up on a query that I sent 8 weeks ago for my 90,000-suspense novel, October Surprise. Since I had not heard back, I'm afraid my initial contact got lost in cyberspace, so I am resubmitting the query below.

[Repasted Query in Full]


Nothing fancy - that's about it. The biggest rule is to be nice and humble, and not get upset or antsy that you haven't got a reply yet. Just resubmit. It sucks that you may have to wait another six weeks to hear back (and worse, to hear back a "no"), but it is what it is. Just note that, as an editor myself who gets queries, we hate to get these letters because they are reminders that we failed to stick to our own guidelines on how long we take to reply. So when someone gets a humble, simple follow up like this, it can serve as a kick in the pants to reply.