How to Better Market Your Book

A panel of marketing experts give tips on how to better market your book.
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This is a post by guest blogger, Joe Perry, intern at FinePrint Literary Management.


In one of the first sessions of the last day of the 2012 Writer's Digest Conference, Dan Blank from; Rob Eagar from WildFire MarketingChristina Katz, author of The Writer's Workout; and Kate Travers from F + W Media spoke to an audience of aspiring and established writers about how to better market their books in the digital age.

Eager told unpublished writers to do the following to grow your audience:

  • Make yourself an object of interest
  • Be able to back up any controversial statements you say
  • Tell people what the results of your book will be, not what the book is about

Travers suggested that published authors do the following to grow their audience:

  • Know the influential members in your literary community
  • Know your local bookstore and introduce yourself to its events manager.

All of the panelists also listed mistakes unpublished writers and published authors should avoid such as:

  • Don't use some social media outlets and exclude others. Be fully engaged.
  • Don't just post tweets and Facebook status updates about books and writing. Be human.
  • Don't call publishers and media companies for free marketing advice

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