Gnome Attack Roundup: Gnomeo & Juliet Must Be Stopped

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Not a day passes without some kind buddy or Facebook friend telling me about this movie, have I heard of it? -- it's called Gnomeo & Juliet.

Yes, I have heard of it. And this movie must be stopped. I'm thinking possibly mass organized protests ...? Too much? OK, let's slow down a bit. How do we derail this dangerous movie? I'm open to suggestions. Yes, I said dangerous. This movie will lead kids to believe that gnomes are simply harmless backyard ornaments, when, as we all know, they are vicious mauling instruments of death and carnage. It's all part of their vast PR campaign that began with "The Amazing Race" and that awful roaming gnome (who must die, btw).

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"Hey, kids! Let's go watch a movie starring MURDERERS."

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This is from the most recent issue of EW.
Gnomes are "in"? Madness. Sheer madness.

Coverage & Interviews:

  • The awesome Donna Freeman is doing a free book giveaway of Gnomes, so comment for a chance to win. (Hurry! Contest ends EOD Monday, Jan. 31.)
  • Larry A. Sagers, co-host of the KSL Greenhouse Show, interviewed me and posted the podcast online here. (Click about 5-10 percent into the podcast and you should be near the start of the interview.)
  • The Whimpulsive (book lover's) blog did a nice feature on the book and called it "hilarious," which was very kind of them. Danka.
  • Over the past few months, the book got mentions in places like the Chicago Sun-Times, the Denver Post, and many more papers. However, the big coup was getting a small feature in Reader's Digest about the book. If you missed it, see it here.
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