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Gnome Attack Roundup: Free Book Giveaway With New Interview

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I had a nice "writer moment" today in a bookstore. I went into a bookstore and spotted several Gnome books in the humor section, so I started to sign them. Then this mom & toddler duo walks up to the humor section, and the toddler grabs a Gnome book from the shelf. The mom takes it and examines it. I let her know that it's my book; she's skeptical. I say, "Really, it's my book. Look on the back and there's a photo of me." Upon seeing it really was me, she was so taken aback that she had my inscribe a copy right there to someone for their birthday. It was just such a wonderful moment.

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How to Survive a

Garden Gnome Attack

More Recent Coverage & Interviews:

  • On Monday, an interview with me will go live on The Traveling Writer blog. The blog, which is one of the few non-agent sites I check religiously, is run by Alexis Grant. I have asked Alexis to include a free giveaway of a book to a random commenter. The random winner will have their choice of getting either the 2011 Guide to Literary Agents or Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript, 3rd Ed. Here is the site URL, and the interview will be live Monday, May 9, 2011. We discussed plenty of subjects, but being that Alexis is an expert on social media, we spent a lot of time talking about how to maintain and grow a successful blog.
  • Writer Elizabeth Varadan recently posted a nice review of Gnomes on her site. See it here.
  • I am still in awe to see my name on the SlashFilm website, regarding news of Sony optioning my book. If you are not reading SlashFilm, you are letting the best movie-news website on the Internet slip through your fingers.
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Never forget the danger that
gnomes present! They are killers.
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Media requests & interviews: If you would like a free review copy of Gnomes
for an interview or roundup or any kind of mention, please contact me
at literaryagent(at) and I will send your information
to my publicist. Thanks!

More Gnome news: To see all the news & reviews & coverage of my book, click on "My Writing Life" at the end of this post.


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