Gnome Attack Roundup: Fine Gardening Interviews Me, and I'm Headed to Kirtland, OH on June 19 to Battle Giant Gnomes (Seriously ... Kind Of)

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It's summertime and gnomes are everywhere. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills—there are so many. I haven't been writing about book news recently because I've been too busy reinforcing all my basement walls so gnome warriors don't tunnel and kill me from below with little axes. Did you hear about the latest swarm of gnome attacks in Hungary? It's horrible. Official autopsy reports say "moose goring," but we know what's really afoot.

On June 19, if you live anywhere near Northeast Ohio, come to the Holden Arboretum in Kirtland, OH for their "Gnome and Garden" exhibit. It's where they unveil these 20 gigantic gnomes that have designed/painted by professional artists. The gnomes are like six feet tall or something insane. I am there representing the anti-gnome perspective in a debate (and no, this is not a joke) and also signing books. It's going to be funny and awesome. There are activities for kids, and I believe the event is free.

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More Recent Coverage & Interviews:

  • The final page of this month's issue of Fine Gardening magazine (June 2011) is a full-page interview with me. (Find the issue here, or in bookstores now.) It was a fun interview. Maybe I will be able to post the whole thing online one day. Here is a quick sample Q&A:
    Q: How dangerous are gnomes?
    A: They are highly dangerous. I'd say red-alert, DEFCON-2, threat-level-orange dangerous...
  • A nice blog called Jessica at Schmidt's saw the Fine Gardening interview and did a quick little piece about it.
  • The big Garden Rant blog did a piece on how gnome culture is on the rise, and mentioned my book in a larger discussion.
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How to Survive a

Garden Gnome Attack

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I saw this in a Walgreens. It's a solar-powered