4 Awesome Ways You Can Write For the GLA Blog

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Thanks to all my awesome visitors, the GLA blog is getting pretty big. Want to get involved and boost your platform a little? Agents love platform. If you're interested in any of these ideas below, simply write to me at literaryagent@fwmedia.com, and we'll talk. Feel free to repost this post on your blog if you feel like readers want to get involved.

1. How I Got My Agent

These guest columns are stories of how writers came to sign with their agent.

2. Seven Things I've Leaned So Far

These guest columns are from writers of any skill level who can share 7 things they know now that they wish someone would have told them at the beginning of their writing odyssey.

3. Write About What You Learned at a Conference

Were you at a writers' conference recently where you sat in on a good presentation and took notes. Write up a little summary for a guest column. Three people wrote guest columns following the South Carolina Writers Workshop and those were excellent posts. (You can see them posted in late October in the Guest columns category.)

4. Sign Up for the RSS Feed

OK, this isn't technically writing for the blog, but if you sign up for my RSS feed, you will be notified daily when new blog posts go up. Simply put your e-mail into the box in the upper left-hand corner of this page. Or you could just add me to your blog roll (thanks in advance).
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