When literary journals become too efficient...

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...writers start to panic. I love Waldo Jaquith's use of the term "The Angry Letter." As part of my job, I receive many such complaints from writers about not hearing back from a magazine after waiting patiently for a whole month. Maybe they'll be pleased to read Waldo's blog post: "We Are Altogether Too Efficient."

As I raved earlier in this blog, I love VQR's sleek online submission system. It totally threw me for a loop with how efficiently it managed my submission of five poems--automatically notifying my email account that they were received. Even now when I check on the site, my cookies alert the site that I already have five poems currently under review, which five they are, and what the status is.

Hopefully, more journals will go this route. It's easier for the writers, and according to Waldo it's easier for the editors as well.