Mixing Poetry and Politics?

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I'm not going to get into any political debates on my poetry blog. Y'all can go to the WritersDigest.com forum and start a thread on that. However, I found it interesting that these two stories just happened to pop into my inbox this morning:

"Maya Angelou's poem in praise of Hilary," by Vanessa Thorpe from Guardian Unlimited and The Observer, reports on Angelou's support of Hilary Clinton (and her conversations with Oprah Winfrey, who supports Barack Obama).

"A Poet Laureate for Ron Paul?," from Nolan Chart, attempts to make a case for Marc Scibilia to be the poet laureate for Ron Paul (as well as trying to generate canvassing crews for the Presidential candidate).

While I'm not going to argue that either article is filled with hard hitting news, I do find it interesting that poetry is not completely forgotten in the political process.


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