More on comics and poetry...

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In this post I talked a little about poetry and comics and how much the idea of poetry melded with graphic art appealed to me. Rachel McDonald, editor of Novel & Short Story Writer's Market, sent me this link to a post by graphic artist Leland Myrick on the First Second blog. Myrick explains, "It didn’t take me long, honestly, to come to the conclusion that many comics, though they might not have started out as poems, are in their finished forms closer to poetry than anything else."

In the comments to Myrick's post, I found this link to "Seth: Comics = Poetry + Graphic Design" on Austin Kleon's site ("a writer who draws and designs").I also found a link to "Poetry & Graphic Art: The Collaborations of Nick Flynn and Josh Neufeld" on the Academy of American Poets site. (The full version of their collaboration on Flynn's poem "Father Outside" is here.)

Very interesting stuff. I was especially fascinated with Seth's perspectives on "Peanuts" strips as haiku.